Goodbye. Dubai!

I sit here writing this blog post, amazed at how quickly half of the year flew by. July to December seems like quite a long time, when you are asked to fly your family across the world…to live…knowing no one…and never really hearing of the location. Well Dubai, you are on my radar now and … More Goodbye. Dubai!

Diapers in Dubai 16

I am definitely soaking up my last days in Dubai, with play days, everyday. Prior to daddy’s parents coming to visit, my parents took me to the Toddler Town Festive Fair at the British Nursery in Jumeriah. Let me tell you, I hate that scary guy in the white beard. I am not sure why my parents insist on taking me … More Diapers in Dubai 16

“Dubai was Lit”

You know that feeling when you look forward to something for so long and then, all of a sudden, it is over in the blink of an eye? That is how our experience in Dubai has been going and especially how this last week felt! We were looking forward to my brother, Ryan, and my sister, Haley, … More “Dubai was Lit”

Diapers in Dubai 15

You guys will not believe it, I have started to walk full-time! It’s impressive, right? It is amazing for me, because I move so much quicker and don’t hurt my little knees anymore! I love following my mom around all day long and have been doing things like climbing over the back of the couch … More Diapers in Dubai 15

Diapers in Dubai 13

I have been having some fun this week doing things like eating donuts after playing at Fun City, learning about the Veggie Tales, exploring with mama and tasting Oreo cheesecake with dada during one of mama’s carrot cake tastings! I also got the chance to do a couple of new things that I really enjoyed! … More Diapers in Dubai 13