5 Months in 2 Suitcases

My lists have been made for two months now, but the physical action of putting five months of your life into two suitcases is a lot harder than I first assumed. Yes, you’re right, I really only need to pack clothes and bathroom essentials, but for a girl, that is WAY harder that it sounds!img_7300

Background- Layne did take five suitcases with him to Dubai. Dow allowed him to take three additional suitcases, on top of the two that the airline gives. We stuffed those babies full of games, beach towels, diapers, wipes, 18 & 24 month clothes and lots of extra hair spray! (For those of you who really know me, I can blow through a large can in one months time…and who knows what this Dubai heat is going to do to these afro curls!)

Anyways, we sent some stuff a head of time, however all of mine and Caden’s current wardrobes have yet to be squeezed into the two 2’by 3′ boxes and I’m struggling to figure out how this can physically happen. Folded flat, vacuumed seals, rolled… what the best way? I suppose we will quickly find out! Stay tuned…t-minus five days until takeoff!


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