Hello Dubai

It all started to hit home when I had to pack up my Dove dark chocolate stash and put it in the deepfreeze, where it would be in safe keeping for five months, until I return home. I’m sure going to miss its sweetness…in all reality, putting all of the baby stuff away was probably the biggest shocker. I cleaned off all pictures/magnets on the fridge, put away all of the bottles, sippy cups, toys, walkers, etc. and stored them in the nursery. The fact that this stuff wouldn’t be out again until kiddo #2 was hard to think about!

For those of you who were wondering, I was able to managing getting a good portion of my closet and Caden’s into two suitcases. In fact, I had 3 lbs to spare over both pieces of luggage! Take that! However, my carryon items were a different story. I had three bags, all which ranged between 10-17 lbs, plus a stroller, plus a baby!  For your viewing pleasure, my mother snapped a photo below. (Side note- all carryons were stuffed in the front seat for the drive to the airport and were setting off the passenger seat belt alarm, quite a delightful trip!)

Boarding the airplane and getting settled in was quite the scene with all of the belongings I was hulling along like a pack mule. We made it to our seat early, and were sitting next to a nice gentleman who was explaining to me how he has two little kids as well, when the flight attendant asked if he would like to go to the front so Caden and I could have the two seat row to ourselves. Praise the Lord! Having the extra space was very pleasant for our first 7 hr and 50 minute plane ride. Caden acted like he was jacked on Mt.Dew for the first two hours of the flight. He was seat peeping to our friends behind us, banging on the windows and screaming, his newest trick. After my efforts at singing Jesus Loves Caden, 100 times, he finally fell asleep. I however, found it hard to get comfy and did not sleep at all on the first trip. (I am sure anyone over 5’10” can imagine why)

Caden’s and I’s second ride was similar to the first, but I was able to finally get some shut eye. On both trips, Caden was able to take an hr nap in the mini baby sleeper that was attached to the wall in front of us. It was kind of creepy to be honest because I had to zip him up when he was inside, just in case of turbulence (see awful photo below), but I appreciated the idea behind it!

After our second 7 hr flight, we had finally arrived in Dubai! Layne was waiting with a huge smile on his face, ready to see us. As we headed out to get a taxi, and the heat hit me smack in the face, I asked Layne…”So is this the hot temp you experience all day?” Layne-“No Chelly, its night time. This is way cooler than normal.” WHAT!!! Holy cow was he not kidding! This morning when we woke up and went outside to explore, I actually experienced my entire body covered in sweat, just walking! (For those of you who know me, you know that I only sweat from my forearms. This is a HUGE deal to me!)

Our tour guide Layne, took the day off work to show us around the city and Caden and I were very grateful! After waking up at 1pm, we were treated to a large pizza and cheesy bread! Thanks Layne! We then went to the grocery store near by and stocked up on a couple of needed kitchen items. We then stepped back into the heat for a trip back to the apartment to refresh ourselves- MUCH NEEDED. This heat is not something to joke around with!

As my desire to organize started to build up inside, I set my skills to work and began organizing this place that looks like a luggage carousel exploded. Slowly but surly we will get there. We instead decided to head to the Mall of the Emirates to do some more exploring and grab a couple more things that we needed. We found Carrefour, a grocery store that seems similar to Walmart, and stocked up on the remaining essentials. Dark Chocolate was one of those items, so we have a happy Chelly on our hands!

We maneuvered back on the tram and Caden and I got to try out the women and children second of the Metro. It was very nice and spacious compared to the packed full “other” sections. I will be looking forward to that perk as we get more adventurous with our travels, while Layne is at work.

Well enough for tonight, my little man is screaming in my ear because he hates his new bad..aka the pack and play. Good night!


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