Dubai Mums 101

So this morning I took the pram and went for a jog to meet some fellow mums at the Cafe. There I met two more fellow American mums, “Hey more American moms! I just walked over with my stroller and am ready for a latte!”

This morning I attended my first Dubai Expats Mums group and I LOVED it! Everyone was greatly impressed that Caden and I were there on our third day in town, but you know me, I had to get plugged in or I would go crazy!

After pulling up with the little guy in tow, we were a little skeptical. There were only three moms there and they were all holding little girls under five months! However, after signing in and paying our 25 Dhs (approx $6.75 for the group fee, a coffee and a muffin!) I turned around to probably twenty women and their little kiddos. We quickly met people from all over the world who are currently living here in Dubai. I was fascinated by their stories of how they met their spouses- “Im from London and my husband is from Ireland. We met at a bar on NYE in London!” I told them that my story seemed pretty boring compared to theirs but they were all just as shocked when I said I married my Jr High sweetheart.

Caden quickly made friends with Henry (9m), Walter (6.5m), Finn (5m) and of course several of the baby girls! He was the oldest guy in the crowd, but didnt seem to be phased. I was so happy to see him playing with other babies and he definitely burnt some energy… he feel asleep before the “party” was over!

I kept on mingling, as you can imagine, and got several of my expat questions quickly answered- What types of phones do you have? Where can I find washcloths? What sites have baby info for the area? Where can I buy graham crackers?…you know, the essentials! Despite all of our questions, they must have thought we were pretty cool cats, because we got invited to an off the records meet up on Monday! I felt pretty special and I think we will quickly find some great new friends!


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