Diapers in Dubai 1

My mom and I took off last Sunday to finally be reunited with my Dadada. I LOVED the airplane ride and made so many new friends with all of the people around me. Sometimes when I would get excited, I would even let out big screams so everyone knew I was on board.

But I tell ya, these flights arent a joke! I was quite tuckered out before we saw Dadada and had to take a snooze…on my Mama, of course.

Once we arrived in Dubai and were reunited with Dadada, we ventured outside and I immediately started sweating! People say Im like my dad in that way. My hair was even wet! Mama and Dadada let me hold the big cold water bottle to cool off!

After an active day of exploring, I was tuckered out again and snuggled my Dadada. I sure did miss him!

I can tell you one thing, my parents bed is so much nicer than that pack&play they try to make me sleep in. Everytime I lay down in there I scream because I hate it. They try so hard to get me to sleep there but I am so tricky and I sleep in their bed each night instead! Haha! Mama tells me that she is going to get me in there but I will try my hardest to prove her wrong πŸ™‚

(See below for all of the times I have been right and she has been wrong!)

During the day Dadada “works to make our family a dolla” and mama and I take adventures. She says we are on a long vacation! Here I am looking at all the toy boats after we went to Spinnys for snacks. I love the Marina!


Last night, I took not just one but two girls on a double date with mama and dadada! We went to Sarajoua for Arabian food. I know it may not look like it in this silly pic my mama took but I LOVED the chicken shawarma and probably ate more than my parents! It was very yummy in my tummy!

I loved hanging out with Katya and Laura. They are very nice girls and enjoyed carrying me through the city. I hope to have another play date with them again someday! Laura goes to work with dadada by the mall. (Mama says we will be visiting there a lot.)

Here are some more photos of me playing! I love Dubai so far and cannot wait to see what else we get to do in this big city!


6 thoughts on “Diapers in Dubai 1

  1. The pictuers with the story was so cute Chelsie. I loved it. Caden, I am glad you are having a good time, but hurry back we miss you. So glad mama is sending pictures , you are gowing so much. Have mama gives you some kisses from me.

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