Dubai Tidbits (from a US girl)

Every country, city, location has its quirks and within my one week anniversary of being here in Dubai, I have started a fun little list for you all to enjoy!

  • Light switches: Here in Dubai, the light switches have to be pushed down to be turned on and up to be turned off. When I arrived Layne said, “The lights are hit or miss, sometimes I can get them on and sometimes I cannot!” I changed his world once I came and was able to inform him of the “science” behind it.
  • Toilets: The toilets here are a little different. As you can see in the photo below, in our apartment, there is a big circle with a small button inside. I have been told that one does a full flush and the other does a “water change”, but Layne and I have yet to figure out which is which! Also, every toilet has a rinser/hose. This is for those who chose to not use toilet paper but instead “rinse out”. To answer your question, no we havent tried it yet, although it would be a nice way to wash down Caden after a blow out!
  • Yogurt: The yogurt here is something I simply cannot get used to. I used to eat the Dannon Light Greek yogurt probably once a day, however there is no equivalent (that I have found yet) here in Dubai. Layne and Caden have been having the Activa yogurt, but I even find that the texture is different, more runny, which I cannot get past. I am sure missing my Greek, I can tell you that!
  • Baby care: Today I found out that to have someone watch your kiddo, they have to be licensed/certified. Not just anyone can babysit for you. I find this interesting, I mean it makes sense, because you want to know that the person you are leaving your child with is capable to watch over them, however what if people just have a close family friend who can do the job? It’s an interesting topic…one I hope to learn more about at my mommy groups. 🙂
  • Pampers: Also in relation to babies, diapers are referred to as Pampers here. Don’t go using any other brand, because then it just gets confusing! Thank goodness we are team Pampers, however wipes are a different story (Huggies wipes all the way!).
  • Prices: The prices here seem to be higher for certain things. Per my previous post, Dubai Mums 101, I was able to get group access, a coffee and a muffin for 25 Dhs from Costa Coffee last week. Today, I went to Starbucks with some new friends and got one medium iced vanilla latte for 27 Dhs! Holy cow! That is $7.29 for a medium coffee! I was not to happy about this, after my purchase and my calculation of the conversion, of course. However, I also went to H&M today and snagged some pretty good deals on a new pair of sunglasses (Caden broke mine and those are a NECESSITY here), a pair of shorts and a dress all for 129 Dhs, or $34.83. Not bad!
  • Hot water button: The water heat here is strange. Outside of our bathroom we have a Water Heater button. I quickly learned that if this is off, you get no hot water to the shower or bathroom sink. However if it is on, you only get hot water. You see its strange because both faucets have the normal Hot/Cold handles on them, however its one or the other with that switch. Also it is a little inconvenient that the button is outside of the bathroom door. Caden is lucky he doesn’t have any brothers or sisters to turn the heat off when he is in the tub!
  • Outdoor employees don’t work from 1-4: There is quite a bit of construction going on around Dubai right now. The city is constantly trying to improve and expand. Right next to our apartment another apartment is going up. The men work on the building pretty much around the clock, minus the hours of 1-4pm and 1-4 am. In the afternoon, that is easily the hottest part of the day and at night, I guess they think that is all the sleep one needs?
  • No napkins: I struggled with this one. We are having the hardest time finding napkins! I was told to go to Ikea, however that is on the other side of town and would be quite the haul. Then I asked a local, who informed me that napkins are not really used here unless hosting a party. If you were having such a party, you could buy fancy party napkins, like we would have for a BBQ or something in the US. I don’t know about you but I like to have a plain, low-key napkin for my lunch and especially my dinner and that just doesn’t look like it is going to happen…paper towels it is, per Layne’s suggestion.
  • No sausage except fingers: So as you know, there is no pork here in Dubai. Well there is at certain restaurants, but you won’t find it at the grocery store. I really wanted frozen sausage to put in my eggs like I normally do at home. We went on a hunt to find them at Carrefour, the grocery store, and Layne suggested I use these sausage fingers, pictured below. I’ll let you make the call whether or not I made the purchase… VOMIT!
  • Women and children on the Metro: The Metro has a section for just women and children and it is amazing! If a man is in this section they can be fined 100 Dhs. This section seems to be less crowded and gives women a spot to feel a little more comfortable. Caden and I always sit/stand here when taking the Metro and Caden always makes several new “girl friends”. He is quite the charmer.121
  • Emirates (locals in Dubai): With our current experiences we have decided, the Emirates are wonderful people! They all love Caden/babies in general and are very willing to help. When walking down the road, you will have people who stop just to wave and say hi to Caden…sometimes they even rub his cheeks or wiggle his toes. He is a pretty friendly fella, so he doesn’t mind. At first I was a little taken back, because this is not something really done in the US, but these people just love kids! It definitely makes for a more comfortable relocation assignment!

Happy 1 week Dubai anniversary to Caden and I! I cannot believe how welcomed we feel in this huge new city! We have been very blessed!

Feel free to ask me any questions about Dubai and if I don’t know the answer, I would love to go on a hunt to figure it out or try something new out! Caden and I are always looking for fun things to do each day!


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