Settled in the States

Twenty-three hours later, we safely land in Detroit with three tired Schroeders! Caden, again, did very well on the plane, of course there was a little chaos, but as to be expected when traveling with a one year old, right? We boarded the first plane and twisted a guys arm, so that Layne could sit with … More Settled in the States

Costa’s Carrot Cake

COSTA! Costa, My favorite coffee shop, has carrot cake! Obviously we knew that this one would be on the taste testing list and last night after dinner, Layne asked if we would want to take a family walk along the Marina. Costa is located right along the Marina walk and both boys agreed that they would … More Costa’s Carrot Cake

Deliveroo Delivers

Yesterday, August 10, was Layne and I’s three year wedding anniversary! Every year we take a picture of us holding our anniversary photo and it goes back to our wedding photo. Kind of hard to explain, so I posted the photo below. I am so excited for the awesome scenery we had for this years … More Deliveroo Delivers

Diapers in Dubai 4

SENSORY PLAY! Two days ago, mama and I took a yellow car to Redwood Montessori Nursery on the Palm and I got to sing, dance, and play with my friend Henry and his mama. It was quite the trip to get there in our strollers! I tell ya, they do not make buildings stroller friendly … More Diapers in Dubai 4

Dubai Check List

When living somewhere new, for a temporary time, it is urgent to make a check list of the things you want to do. If not, there is a possibility time will slip away and you will regret what you missed. This is NOT going to happen to us in Dubai folks. Layne and I took the … More Dubai Check List