Diapers in Dubai 2

One of my favorite things to do in Dubai is take the Metro. My mama tells me its like a choochoo train and when I’m on it, I make all sorts of new friends! Here are some pictures of my parents and I on the Metro. I love to go fast, real fast!

Yesterday, a little girl and her parents (who didnt even speak English) played with me and even held me on our ride home! Don’t worry, my parents were right there “helicoptering” the WHOLE time…

Yesterday my mama and I went to our second play group at the Marina Mall! I had so much fun meeting more new friends and we even got to play in a soft play area for about an hour! It had a ball pit, big foam blocks and a tiny gym just my size! I was awful sleepy, but I really enjoyed myself! I’ll be making my mama take me back, thats for sure! You can see me and my new best bud Henry playing below.

When I am not being caravanned around the city, I enjoy the occasional left over chicken shawarma, digging through the “off limits” drawers and giving my mama kisses.

My mama, dadada and I live in a tall apartment, on the 19th floor. On the 2nd floor we have our very own pool! Splashing around in the water is definitely a great way to cool off after our long walks. Again, like my dadada, I am a sweaty little boy! 

Well thats all for today folks! Stay tuned for my next post, because mama and dadada said we have some exciting stuff planned this weekend! 


2 thoughts on “Diapers in Dubai 2

  1. I just love your blog Chelsie. Guess I should say Caden. That ts darling. Sounds exciting . looks like everyone I is having fun.
    .How hot is it there. It has been in the 90’s here. I worked out in the yard yesterday and the sweat was running off my nose


    1. It is above 100 degrees here everyday. Today it was 118! We stayed inside most of the day :)… However, your body gets used to it and I don’t sweat as much as I did when we first got here, so thats a good sign đŸ™‚


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