Shark Bate Oooh Haha

Last weekend (sorry, I am just getting around to writing this) we went to the Dubai Mall, the biggest mall in the world! Layne had previously mentioned to me that this was his favorite mall out of the handful here, which surprised me because it is so large! However, once walking through I definitely understood! Although this mall has a total of over 1,200 shops, the layout does not make it feel over crowded and you don’t feel like you are lost when you turn a corner. The mall has four floors and includes over 100 places to eat, an aquarium and underwater zoo, an ice rink, a SEGA Republic, KidZania, a movie theater, Rainforest Cafe and several, several shops (insert girly scream)!We started on the fourth floor and I quickly noticed how every store was a baby store. Confused, I asked the mall expert- Layne, why this was so. He informed me that the floors are organized by shopping experience/theme. The fourth floor was baby/kid shops, however it is nothing like you would expect in the states. These shops are high-end, cream of the crop shopping “experiences”, not just a quick stop for a pair of toddler shorts. One of the stores looked like a bridal salon for little girls and their fancy party dresses! I was shocked! However, it is a different life style here and that is something we Americans have to keep in mind- not hard to do when you see the price tags!

The main reason we wanted to visit the Dubai Mall last weekend was to see the Shark Week Exhibit that was taking place in the Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Upon entering the exhibit, there was an interactive video session where you could learn about the sharks sense of smell, ability to sense vibrations in the water and their sight. We then proceeded into a half tunnel that was full of sharks. I thought Caden would be a little more impressed, but he basically just looked at all of the “fishies” with a mute stare. I think he was a little tired and hungry, but Layne and I were really intrigued and wanted to proceed for our own interest! After the shark entrance, we walked through an area full of fish, turtles, jelly fish, etc. and the proceeded to a Night Crawlers exhibit where we saw the biggest gator I have seen! He is a King Crock and weighs in at 1,653 lbs and measures over 16.4 feet in length! Seriously, this thing was scary! Again, unphased by the mass in front of him, Caden continued to just look around and take in the scenery.We proceeded on the wiggly bridge and went down to the next level of the mall where we got to walk through the aquarium tunnel. There were sting rays in there that were four feet wide and fish the size of a toddler! It’s crazy to think about all of these animals out there that we never get to see!

Overall, we thought the Shark Week Exhibit was well worth the 60 Dhs, per person ($16.20). We may have left with a screaming child, but appreciated all of the new facts and sights that we got to see! To top off the days excursion, we stopped at La Cure Gourmande and dabbled in (several) French biscuits.

Bon appetite from Dubai!


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