Refridge Restocking

You know that feeling on Black Friday when you feel pressured to make a decision on your purchases, because people are behind you moving you along? That, my friends, is the same feeling we got on our first grocery experience at Carrefour in the Mall of the Emirates last weekend. Now, since then, we have come to terms with the fact that you simply shouldn’t  visit the grocery store on the weekend, however I got a little bit of the same vibe when I went yesterday, on a Wednesday!

There are several grocery stores and markets around Dubai. I like to visit Spinneys, which is about a 15 minute walk, but the prices are “right” at Carrefour. Living with a one person income, we decided that we would take trips to Carrefour for the big lists and stop at Spinneys if we need a couple last-minute items.

Because I want you all to get the same feeling I get when shopping for my refrigerator restock, we took a GoPro video for your viewing pleasure! (Due to me not being able to upload a video without paying the blogging site, please view on my FB page)

I have noticed a couple of unique things about food here in Dubai, one being the shelf life, another the labeling and a third the packaging. The shelf life on items like milk and bread last for approximately 3-5 days before they go bad. We learned this the hard way and Layne got over a childhood fear of gulping down sour milk (straight from the carton, so its his own fault). Upon my last grocery trip I spent 10 minutes searching for the furthest exp date on the milk and found one that was five days from yesterday…success! I also found the perfect loaf of bread that is a size suitable for us to eat within those five days (see image below). I told Layne that instead of one big PB&J he will have to take two minis :).

Labeling is a little different as well. I discovered this when I took my eggs out of the carton and each shell had a stamp on it. I am assuming the P is when it is produced and the E is when it should be eaten by. These eggs, unlike the previous statement, have a super long shelf life!

Packaging seems to be made to withstand the heat. The Ritz crackers we got came in a foil wrap. Layne says that he thinks they are more fresh than those in the US. The tortilla chips also come in a foil lined bag as opposed to the clear plastic at home. Cartons/containers are a little different. I have not noticed the piece of plastic over the openings, under the lids. Yes they have the plastic tab tear off, but nothing underneath that to prevent leakage…interesting I know!

We will continue to find pros and cons of the food selection I am sure, but I sure do miss my Kroger days!


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