Carluccio’s Carrot Cake


Caden and I decided to start our Carrot Cake journey today at the Marina Mall. There was a little deli shop called Carluccio’s that had carrot cake in cake loaf forms, so the shape caught our attention. However, due to my unwillingness to ask questions, prior to ordering, I ending up only getting served 1/3 of what was seen in the display….wah wahhh. It was 20 Dhs which is $5.40 USD, about a normal price for a piece of cake, I would say.

Upon our first taste, yes Caden thinks that he has to eat half of the carrot cakes as well, we noted that it was a little dry and had crunchy edges. The fork had quite the time getting through the top of the cake. The cream cheese frosting on the top was nicely displayed and was the perfect quantity for the size of cake we got. One thing I did like about the cake was the fact that it had raisins, walnuts & real shredded carrots in it. However, the taste just wasn’t there due to the dryness. Caden and I discussed and we gave this cake a 5/10 for our first rating…we were quite disappointed due to this being the first one in our challenge.

Here is to many more carrots in our future!


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