Market Adventures

Yesterday we decided we would take a walk to the Ripe Market at Town Square Center, not in NYC- that would be quite the walk, but here in Dubai. We looked it up on the map and decided we would take the Metro to the FGB stop and then walk the rest of the way. However, once we started walking we realized that it really did feel like we were walking to NYC! It took us forever to get there and in these 100+ degree temps, it was quite the trek! Luckily Caden was sleeping and had spf 50 on, so he was good. Layne and I on the other hand, were quite the complainers! (Hey if the shoe fits! Which mine don’t, because of the HUGE blisters on my heels from walking so much!)

We finally arrived to what I thought was a mirage, but was really it: Times Square Center! Walking in, I felt like it was a mini mall. There was no market anywhere in sight, however after turning a couple of corners we saw a variety of booths containing food, clothing, jewelry, plants, etc. If you know me, you know that I LOVE the farmers market in Midland. Having something similar in Dubai made it seem more like “home”.

We walked up and down the aisles and found an adorable jewelry stand! Layne, the amazing hubby that he is, saw my eyes light up and told me I could get a small piece as a gift for our anniversary coming up this week (8/10/13)! Rae Savia hooked me up and I left with an adorable gold necklace! We continued to meander around and found a couple other “must haves”, including this pic of my body builder hubby!

We also found an awesome ice lounge that we may take some of our visitors to! (First come first serve as we are not repeating  attractions, of course, unless they are super amazing!)

Later in the day we ventured to the fourth mall in Dubai, IBN Buttuta. Layne will be able to give you more history on it, as he walked through and read the facts while I did a little shopping! (I am going to try to get him to write some guest blogs, so maybe this topic can be his first one!)

The mall overall was a lot less crowded and commercialized. It is in quite an interesting building too! It has an Egyptian design and has huge lights, pieces of architecture and an area that makes you feel like you are shopping under the sky, on a cobble stone road! Quite cool!

I do think we will be back, as I found a couple of adorable stores that I could frequent! Ha! Also, it has a grocery store in it- Geant. We have decided that we may “convert” and start shopping there because the atmosphere was 10 times better than our giant Carrefour trip (see previous post to find out why). The prices also seemed to be a little better too! Caden and I will make our journey back there on Monday and hope for good feedback as we restock the fridge again.

After a busy day of walking, we were whipped and took the Metro home with our little monkey. Caden loves to swing on the handle bars and it’s hilarious! It’s so cute!

Well, off to watch some more Olypics…in German or Arabic… #firstworldprobs


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