Diapers in Dubai 3 

I have been working hard on my blog the last couple of days and due to this heat, we have not got out for many adventures! My mommy gets worried that I would overheat, so we try to not be out to long when we do go. I am my dadada’s son, so I sweat an awful lot! Usually when my mama gets me out of my stroller, my clothes are a little wet 🙂 I have recently discovered that if I keep my limbs outside of the car seat I get a little more air flow! I try to touch everything we pass, throwing my “driver” some curve balls, which she doesn’t like.

Since my last post I have got to try ice cream (gelato) here! It was so yummy, but we had to eat it fast, because it melts so quickly! My mama and dadada bought me a cone and then just put little spoonfuls inside for me to taste. Much less messy, but where’s the fun in that mom!


I have also started using my own cell phone! Most people say I am a little young, but its
how I keep in touch with my dadada during the work day! Mama says my number is only for certain people, so sorry if you can’t get a hold of me! Try Skyping us because I LOVE video chatting!!

My mommy and I love to go to the soft play place at the Marina Mall. I know I told you this last time, but it’s just so easy to walk to (only 20 minutes) and I love meeting new friends there! I have gone three times now and am becoming a pro at the jungle gym! I even go through the tunnel on my own!

Other things I love now-a-days are fake crying, eating and hanging with my friends at Wagamama (where we went for dinner last weekend), watching Arabic Spacetoons, mommy and me workout sessions, watching the Olympics and listening to my dadada read me the Bible at night!

Signing off until next time! Until then, check out my curls! This guy is growing a mini fro like my mama! And as she tells me, “Curly hair, don’t care!


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