Jam Bar’s Carrot Cake


Yesterday, Caden and I ventured to the Dubai Mall to meet Layne and ride the metro home with him after work. Our main goal was to find some new shoes at Payless, but we had three hours to waste, so we did a little walking and shopping. Due to our previous carrot cake being sub par, we decided we deserved the right to try another one to get this challenge started off right!

We walked around for about two hours and happened to cross paths with a place called Jam Bar on the third floor of the mall. For 25 Dhs we got a 5″ long piece of carrot cake that was brick shaped.

Upon the arrival at our table, we immediately noticed the adorable 50s diner feel of the table setting and ordering stand. How adorable! We werent a huge fan of the wooden fork, we had to eat with, but it got the job done.

This three layer cake was very moist and had an after taste of orange zest, which I wasnt a huge fan of. The walnuts were very finely ground, as were the raisins. Personally I am a fan of chunky pieces but I guess this was alright because walnuts tend to make the roof of my mouth hurt!

The frosting was quite light and blended well with the cake. It wasnt a very overpowering cream cheese frosting. Overall we gave it a 7/10 because the portion was great for the price and because it was so soft and fluffy. The layers were a great added touch!

Thank you Jam Bar for contributing to my foodie challenge!


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