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Yesterday, August 10, was Layne and I’s three year wedding anniversary! Every year we take a picture of us holding our anniversary photo and it goes back to our wedding photo. Kind of hard to explain, so I posted the photo below. I am so excited for the awesome scenery we had for this years photo! Because we don’t know any babysitters in the area, Layne took Caden and I both to a restaurant called Fume in Pier 7. Pier 7 is a seven story building, clever I know, that has a different restaurant on each floor. Ours was on the first floor, but I am sure we will experience each floor before we leave!

Celebrating our anniversary was a little different this year with a mini man in tow. Every time people at other tables got their food, he would scream at the top of his lungs because he wanted it! We basically had to order an appetizer to tie him over until his mac and cheese arrived…so our clinking of glasses was a little different this year, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! I ordered sea bass that comes with the full fish, head and all. Due to my “childness”, I had to ask for the head to be removed “behind the scenes”, so I didn’t have to stare at Nemo while I ate him. It was really quite good food and we even had leftovers to take back! Score! Here in Dubai I have come to realize that you don’t ask for to go boxes, but instead take away boxes. I got strange looks the first couple of times I asked, but we made it through the language barrier. Oh AND the take away boxes here are pretty much nicer than any of my Tupperware at home! Its crazy! Layne and I feel so bad throwing them away when we are finished!

This morning Caden and I were up early to go to the Baby and Child Mummy Morning hosted by Baby and Child Magazine at Per Te in Business Bay. We joined our friends and took the Metro there and then did a little walking to find the cafe. We had a delightful time eating tea sandwiches and having a coffee with other moms in the area, from across the globe. I will continue to say, it amazes me to hear all of these family’s stories!

One thing I will note is that when these events are held and it says “breakfast”, it is not your typical breakfast and one should definitely eat before or you will starve #personalstory. Luckily, I fed Caden his full breakfast this morning, so he was ok! Dont worry though, I managed and made it back home to my leftover sea bass! This girl isn’t going to blow away here! Ha! Caden enjoyed playing againand has  become quite great at being left with new kids to socialize! He does have a tendency to steal toys, but hey, it’s a work in progress!

Tonight Layne has a work dinner and will not be home until late. While daddy’s away, mommy and Caden will play! We ordered delivery! Now to give you a little background, Layne is against getting anything delivered, because he thinks it’s a waste of money. However, here in Dubai, you can get literally get anything delivered, even groceries! I always see the delivery motorcycles driving around and wanted to try them out, so I figured tonight was the perfect night! We used Deliveroo, which has an app that makes it way too easy! You can scroll through to find the type of food you want and then select from their menu, add a delivery time, add your address and they are off! One, two, three and our pizza was on its way! We got pizza from Pizzaly and ordered the Tricolore pizza, Brazilian cheese rolls and chicken wings for 97 Dhs or $26.19 USD. The pizza description:  Tomato Sauce, Fresh Burrata, Cherry Tomatoes, Basil Leaves, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I had to look up what fresh Burrata was and also what Brizilian cheese rolls were, but we decided to test the waters.

With the play-by-play updates, we watched our food on the move. It came on one of the little bikes pictured above in no time! I will say, and Layne will take note, that the food could have been a tad bit warmer. However, it was quite yummy! The pizza had a cream style cheese on it, very non-US! Ha! The cheese bites were also very different. It was a tiny ball, that was so cheesy, it was hard to chew. We have leftovers for Layne, so we will see what he thinks. I was just excited to use the delivery service and say I did it πŸ™‚ I will definitely be ordering through Deliveroo again!


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  1. Same thoughts about the take away boxes. I’m actually saving them instead of buying containers…they’ve come in handy. Trying to not “order out” from Deliveroo or Food Panda more than once a week…eek!

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