Diapers in Dubai 4

SENSORY PLAY! Two days ago, mama and I took a yellow car to Redwood Montessori Nursery on the Palm and I got to sing, dance, and play with my friend Henry and his mama. It was quite the trip to get there in our strollers! I tell ya, they do not make buildings stroller friendly now-a-days! Henry and I had to navigate the ladies (mamas) through a couple of floors and buildings before we found the right spot for play time.

Once we got inside we went to a rainbow parachute which had moroccas & tambourines to play with. They even had a fishy that blows bubbles! I was a little shy at first, I mean there were kids from all over the world in there! Who wouldn’t be nervous! It ended up being a lot of fun, so I am glad I shook it off and crawled in to play!

Next we went to a big room with stations. Mama and I made a hand print craft that was blue and green! The other color option was yellow and we know dadada wouldn’t have approved of blue and yellow hands! Then we went and played with jello, colored spaghetti, Cheerios and cars dipped in yogurt! The cars made colorful yogurt tracks across the paper! I hope mama lets me do that at home! I really liked to dump the yogurt out and smear it all over. It felt so silly in my fingers!

Mama was being silly and didn’t want to pick me up until I was clean. I wanted to smear my hands on her hair and face so bad! She took me over to the water station and I played there with Henry and another little girl. Then we listened to music and danced again! After cleaning up and getting dry clothes on, this guy was ready for a nap and snuggles with my mama. I had such a fun day!! Mama said she was happy I played there because then she didnt have to clean the big mess we made…little does she know what I have planned for the future!

The next day mama took me to her workout class! It is called Urban Energy Fitness and was at Kids HQ. I got to play with Henry and another little boy for 45 minutes while mama jumped around to music and played with her friends. She was sweaty and had a hard time lifting me up after! I didn’t have that many snacks that morning, so I wasnt sure what her problem was! I had lots of fun though and am looking forward to going there a couple of times a week. Mama said that we have to stay in shape since we are doing our Carrot Cake Challenge! I am keeping my tummy trim by climbing furniture! Today my mama caught me inside of a drawer trying to climb up to the tv! She tried to get a picture before getting me down but missed it. I probably do it again, but mama told me “No, No.”

Heres to more climbing and more carrot cake!

P.S. I got my 9th tooth and #10 is on his way!



One thought on “Diapers in Dubai 4

  1. Caden you tell us such nice stories about your times there. I love it. You are growing so fast and doing so many fun things. I am glad you tell us all those things as you would probably not remember to tell us when you see us.

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