Costa’s Carrot Cake

COSTA! Costa, My favorite coffee shop, has carrot cake! Obviously we knew that this one would be on the taste testing list and last night after dinner, Layne asked if we would want to take a family walk along the Marina. Costa is located right along the Marina walk and both boys agreed that they would partake in the carrot cake sampling. (I really had to twist Caden’s arm…NOT! lol The kid loves this!)

One thing I love about Costa is the environment. It is such a chill, relaxed and modern atmosphere that definitely aids in the flavor of the coffee and food! We rolled up (in the stroller) to the counter and ordered a large iced latte with a piece of carrot cake for the three of us. The carrot cake here was 21 Dhs, or $5.67 USD. It was your just average slice of cake, but it was the best price we have seen so far. We took a seat and started our sampling. Layne immediately said that it was “so moist”! I completely agreed. This carrot cake was by far my favorite so far, ranking at a 9/10 on my scale. I was quite sad that I had to share it, but I was in such good company that I tried not to mind :).

The cake had huge squishy raisins in it as well as ground walnuts. I appreciated this about the walnuts, because they didn’t make the roof of my mouth sore, like the previous cakes sampled. Layne tells me that is a strange thing to say about walnuts, but do you know what I mean? It’s a real thing! Anyways, the frosting was actual cream cheese frosting! No weird flavors, just your normal cream cheese, which I appreciated. There could have been more frosting between the two layers, and Layne agreed, so that is why we gave it a 9 instead of a 10 on my scale.

The nutmeg and cinnamon after taste really set my taste buds to heaven. I love those flavors, possibly because it reminds me of my moms coffee cake (all of you who have frequented the Timmons house, know what I am talking about). That combined with our latte, made for a perfect ending to the evening! Happy girl!

Visit my Carrot Cake Challenge Page to learn more about what in the heck is going on 🙂


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