Diaper Boy Celebrates One Year

Co written by Diapers in Dubai author and myself, the mama!

The birthday celebrations all started on Monday night when Layne and I blew up balloons (probably Caden’s favorite part) and sat out his birthday gifts, after his special birthday dinner- egg pizza! It was our only night before heading to the states, that we had as a family, so we took advantage! Caden LOVED watching his dadada throw the balloons up high and hit them around. He also enjoyed playing with his new books, bath toys and tool box! Little does he know, the fun had just begun!

Tuesday, was his actual first birthday and we were busy bees! Together we took a 2.5 hr nap and it was GLORIOUS! (Sent up a little appreciation prayer for that one!) After being well rested, we started some hard play. When I say hard I mean, the kid thought he was invincible! He was trying all sorts of new stunts and was drilling his head into things left and right! (Birthday battle wound photo can be seen below.) “My mama and dadada were telling me what a big boy I am, now that I am one. My mama has been pretty sappy about the whole thing, to be honest (hence the hand and feet photos below). She told me my baby story and I was tired of listening, so I decided to be adventurous! I happened to get my head stuck in some chairs, hit my eye on the coffee table and grabbed a couple other bumps and bruises, but hey, those are just minor details! It was a great day!!” stated the birthday boy.

After lunch (filled with sweet potatoes, another favorite) we had plans to meet some friends at Cheeky Monkeys for a play date in the soft play area! We hitched up in the stroller and meet our friends Henry and Lindsay for a hot and muggy walk to the party. It was our first time and Caden loved it! It ended up being 65 Dhs or $17.55 USD to play for 2 hours, so it really wasnt bad! We brought bubble gum and cotton candy cupcakes to share with our friends and of course I had to let the little man partake! The kid wouldn’t even let me get a photo before digging in! Lets just say he was pretty upset they were mini cupcakes! (He must have his mama’s sweet tooth!)

Caden explained, “My mama thought I only needed one cupcake at my party, which made me sad, however I got to go play with my friends after that and I completely forgot about the cupcakes! My favorite ride was the Merry Go Round and I also played on the slide that looked like sparkly blue water was coming down it! Henry and I had fun playing on that together! Then all of my friends and I got to spend sometime in the ball pit, another fav! What a way to wear us little kiddos out! I was quite sleepy after all of that and was ready for another snooze. This one year old can only handle so much!”

After another power nap dadada came home and we cleaned up for our next activity! We were headed to Maya, a Mexican restaurant at the Le Royal Meridien resort, or according to Layne “the Royal Mexican”. Ha! We meet up with our friend Laura and new friends Abhishek and Karishma. Abhishek and Karishma ordered several dishes for us to pass and share and the food was simply outstanding! I will definitely be returning for fish tacos and the fajitas! The seasoning was to die for! I could possibly eat those fajitas for the rest of my life and be ok! Ha! The company we were in was also amazing, as we got to get to know our new friends and learn about their experiences in Dubai. We got a couple new ideas for adventures to add to our list as well! At the end of the meal the waiters told me they would like to bring Caden a birthday cake! What type of mom would I be if I said no, so out came the next cake of the day- Pastel Maya, a three milk and vanilla sponge cake with passion fruit sauce and fresh fruit on top. “Mama made me share my cake with everyone at the table, which I guess was ok since I liked my new friends, but I totally could have eaten it all on my own! It was so yummy and cold on my sore teeth!”

Now today, Wednesday we will pack up and fly back to the states to go celebrate with the rest of the family and make a stop at the Peds office for his one year check up! We are excited for the celebration to continue and anxious to see our family and friends again! See you soon NW Ohio!



One thought on “Diaper Boy Celebrates One Year

  1. Your day sounded and looked WONDERFUL Caden, Your pictures are so cute. You are going to have more fun and excitement this weekend. But you know who will be the most excited. Your great grandma and your grandma and grandpa .( forgotten their names) We are looking so forward to seeing you and mama and dadada. It won’t be long now, yah,!!!!!

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