Settled in the States

Twenty-three hours later, we safely land in Detroit with three tired Schroeders! Caden, again, did very well on the plane, of course there was a little chaos, but as to be expected when traveling with a one year old, right?

We boarded the first plane and twisted a guys arm, so that Layne could sit with Caden and I, instead of in the last row by the motor. We were probably four hours in, to the seven hour trip to Paris, when we were served lunch/dinner (who knows what meal it was with the time changing). Layne and I were both sharing our meals with Caden, when Layne finished first and slid Caden onto his lap. I was trying to get a couple of bites in, when Caden kicked the food tray, flying into the air, onto my left leg and upside down all over the floor! I bent over to start wiping the yogurt off my purse & out from between my toes when Caden made a second “punt”, kicking my full cup of coffee all the way down my left leg and on white shirt!! Luckily it was my coffee, so it was room temp because I cannot drink it to hot. Ha! As I began to clean myself up, I stood to realize that my whole left butt cheek was saturated. There was no hope. I wrapped myself in the free airplane blanket and after a lot of wet wipes, stressful sighs and “neighbors” looking over and laughing, we tried to put the “incident” behind us. I would dry, right?

Once we got off that flight and made it into the Paris airport, we soon found out our next challenge…we ran out of diapers! We had been using a smaller diaper bag in Dubai and I restocked that, but not our big one! Mom fail! With two BIG messy diapers under our belt already, we knew we had to buy more. However, no store at the Paris airport had diapers! What in the world! Layne, the awesome dad that he is, went and asked another baby daddy if we could borrow and we were give one diaper to make it through. (Obviously it was a dad thing, because we know if it was a mom to mom exchange, there would have been a handful given!) So with one pawned diaper and the swim diaper that was still in the diaper bag, we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best!


Flight two felt so long (It was eight hrs total, with one hour of taxi-ing before take off)! Possibly because I had yet to sleep at all. While my boys were sawing logs, I simply could not get my 6’1″ frame comfortable in the 12″ by 8″ square box we were seated in. However I did get to watch Joy, The Jungle Book and Sisters, so I was highly entertained! Fast forward to the last hour of the flight and Caden woke up from napping with a soaked swim diaper (the last one!). So poor boy, we had to hold a burp cloth over him until we got through customs and to Nana and Grandpa Schroeder, who came bearing more diapers! Halejulah! #badmommymoment

Fast forward through a “real” meal at Applebee’s, a stressful/overtired two hour car ride to Midland and a trip to the Midland Country fair, this family was ready to hit the hay! Our wonderful friends Lindsay and Craig let us have a slumber party at their house and Caden got another first birthday present! Thank you Huppertz!

Caden got to go see his best bud, Dr. Hamilton for his one year shots. Our little guy has caught back up on the scale is look like he is going to be tall like his mommy and daddy, 97%! Per daddy, “Son, I thought you were going to be a wide reciver, but I think you are destine to be on the line, like daddy!”

Caden has done really well with the time changed and seems to be almost right back on schedule! I, on the other hand, am chugging a large coffee as we speak. The struggle is real!

We are excited for all that is planed for our trip here in the states and appreciate all of your prayers for our travels home! See you all online once we head back to Dubai! No time for posting when we are celebrating with family/friends! 🙂

See below for documentation of Caden’s first hair cut! Although the he hated it, his curls really appreciate the trim! Thank you Mimi! We have officially have a curly haired baby on our hands!


One thought on “Settled in the States

  1. Just love your blogs, they are so informative and cute. It was so much fun being at his party and the extra day. You have one very special young man on your hands, and / or in your hearts.

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