Diapers Return to Dubai

I have officially returned to the UAE! Diaper boy is now back in Dubai until December! I had quite the trip with my mama and dada in the States. I got my very first haircut, which I hated, but much appreciated because the curls on my neck were getting mighty sweaty and annoying in this Dubai heat! My Mimi cut it for me and it took exactly 3.5 minutes before my lovely locks were trim and stylin’. My mama got the whole thing on camera, so that “I can make fun of myself” when I get big. It was a little traumatizing, ok!

I also got to celebrate my first birthday in the States with all of my family and fiends…well mostly my mama and dada’s friends, but I love them all the same :). We had people come from down south in Columbus, Ohio to over in Fishers, Indiana and up to Livonia, Michigan! I apologize for how messy I got eating my blue monster cake, but it was SOOOO good! From what I hear, my potty messes weren’t “normal” for a couple of days after that. HA! I got so many nice gift from everyone too! Mama appreciates the clothes I got to wear when we come back from Dubai in the winter. I loved the big red airplane I got that makes noise, my red tractor, all of the colorful books, trucks and little figurines too! I even got money to put in my new piggy bank that I got from my great-aunt Joyce! It says my name on it! Piggy took a tumble in the drive way when getting unloaded and “all the great horses and all the great men, couldn’t put piggy together again”, I was quite sad! However, a couple calls and emails were made and piggy #2 is well on his way back to my house. Thank goodness for technology! 🙂


While I was stateside I got to see so many of my family members! I had tons of fun staying at my Mimi and Papa G’s house and then I even got to stay at my Nana and Grandpa’s house too! Not only that, but I also got to spend some quality time with the “greats”- great grandma T, great grandma Doll, great grandpa Stuck, great grampy Kahle and great grammy Schroeder! We snuggled, went to breakfast, played with toys and all sorts of fun things that you do with your grandparents! Of course, I got to hang with my awesome aunts and uncles too, even my cousins! I just had such a great time with everyone!

So much fun packed into one week! Litteraly packed! I was so so tired that when mama, dada and I got on the big airplane to head back to Dubai, I slept for almost the whole plane ride, both times! Our first flight was 8 hrs and 45 minutes long and it went to Munich, Germany. Mama and Dada decided to celebrate a successful first trip with a German big kid drink. I wasnt allowed to taste it, but they did buy me some warm “milch”! At this point I was into my second outfit and had two accidents, so although I slept the whole time, I wasn’t the cleanest kid on the block :). On the second plane trip, we flew with Emirates. Mama said it was the nicest airline that she has ever been on! They gave me a little baggie with a baby spoon, bib, lotion and other small treats. They also handed me a little purple animal that had a blanket tucked inside! I think it is a koala bear, but I am not sure because it is kind of funny looking! Regardless the teddy was snuggly and kept me warm on the chilly flight!

Two outfits later (yes that means I went through FOUR outfits total), we got in the cab and headed back to our apartment. I am so happy to be able to sleep laying flat again! In fact, I was so sleepy I slept snuggled to my mama until 1:30 pm today! I am one jet lagged little dude!

Stay tuned for more fun from Diapers in Dubai! Tomorrow I head to Cheeky Monkey at the J3 Mall with my friends! That makes five malls for mama and I to visit while we are “vacationing”! Watch out dada!

Signing off now, I have some phone calls to make…



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