Finally Got Our Wheels

Good news, we finally got our wheels! Well, we actually got it a couple of days before we left for the states, but had no time to drive it beforehand. We were given a grey Jeep Wrangler, that we have every intention of taking the top off and driving through the desert, just like you see on TV!


So, last night we had the leasing company come and install their system in the dashboard of the car for tracking purposes. This was arranged through our company and the leasing business. Caden and I had no real idea what was going on, but just sat in the backseat observing them tear apart the front of the car, as they blasted the AC for us so the “baby stay cool”.

Our car license plate is rather interesting. Getting the idea from The4Bunkies, I looked up the meaning behind the plates. Why does it have a letter in front of it? Other cars have other letters and some don’t have any…

  • According to Wiki, “Dubai license plates can have one of the letters: A to Z, on a white plate. Numbers contain maximum 5 digits.”
  • Each Emirate has its own license plate numbering system and design.
  • According to Ed Jones, “Owning certain license plates means the world to your reputation in Dubai. Typically, each license plate has 5 randomized digits. But drivers can select which digits are on their car, with certain numbers being more expensive than others. The most expensive license plates range from the number 1 to number 10. Ten to 99 are the second most expensive, and certain combinations, like 11, 22, 11111 and other repeating numbers fetch a high amount as well. Some owners even like to match the number of their license plate to their car. Example: Ferrari 458 with the plate “458.”” Read more about this blog post here.
  • In Dubai you register your plates, not your car, like the USA.
  • The plates with A, B, or C are from Old Dubai and are not as likely to be seen anymore, thus could cost more to purchase.
  • This style of plate is British, which was then adopted by Singapore. According to a couple of sites I read, “everything in Dubai is taken from Singapore”.
  • So if you look at our plate below, basically we are nothing 🙂 ha!


Last night we drove the Jeep to the grocery store. Grocery trips are an exciting family outing here in Dubai, yes we are weird I know :). Driving into the Geant grocery parking garage, I instantly stated that it was the cleanest garage I have ever seen! Photo proof below. Once we got out and started walking in, we realized that the guys in the red t-shirts are actually there to clean the outside of your car while you are shopping! How awesome! We haven’t look into it (yet!), but it looked like you pay them for their service and they go and shine it up while you are away. Once you come back, your car looks as clean as a whistle! Oh, and you can have your car valet parked at the grocery store if you deem necessary :).

Cruising around town in a vehicle isn’t for the weary. It is actually quite stressful, as the traffic moves rather quickly and people are constantly crossing lanes. I am sure city traffic in the states is rather similar, however we are from the country AND it doesn’t help when you don’t know any of the roads around (plus the language barrier)! One helpful hint is that in Dubai you have one major road that goes all the way through the city: Sheikh Zayed Road. This makes it a little easier for the directionally challenged! We were able to navigate our way from our apartment to the grocery store and back without any issues. We even found a couple of English radio stations, which (in my opinion) help to make it feel a little more like home. Honestly, having a car in general helps make it feel more “homey”. It gives you the feeling of ownership that you can go where ever you want, when you want (and also gives you more storage space!).

From speaking with friends, the ticketing system in Dubai is quite interesting. Instead of getting pulled over, you may get a ticket sent directly to your cell phone! There are speed traps on the roads as well and do the same thing, send a ticket to your cell. Also, when driving through toll roads, you will be charged through your phone, instead of stopping at toll booths. How convenient! It is kind of creepy as well if you think about it! Not sure what you do if you don’t have a cell phone, so dont ask 🙂

Today, I was riding along with a friend and noticed this setting on her Grand Cherokee… is this a Dubai thing or do all Jeep GC’s have this in them? Not sure why the snow setting would need to be installed here in Dubai…just a money waster if you ask me! HA!


Cheers to being back in Dubai and four more months of our awesome adventure! Happy Monday y’all!



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