Magnolia Bakery’s Carrot Cake

This afternoon, Caden and I headed to the Dubai Mall to partake in the Worlds Biggest Ball Pit extravaganza (naturally, everything in Dubai has to be the biggest)! The requirement for the ball pit was that you had to spend 100 Dhs ($27 USD) at a children’s store to enter the pit for free. The pit was open from August 1-30, so time was “a wastin'”! We rolled up in our stroller to the center of the Star Atrium where the pit was assembled and watched from the third floor as the kiddos jumped in the pits and wound through the slides. Caden was actually quite impressed! We then went down to the first floor where we saw the rules…”Toddlers 2-4 are only allowed in the toddler zone. All other children up to the age of 12 (I think it was 12) are allowed in the large pits. NO parents are allowed to go in the slides.” Caden’s eyes were huge as he danced along to the music that was playing and watched all of the colorful balls flying through the air. I rolled him over to a ball pit assistant and politely asked, “So, if my child is under the age of two, where does he get to go in?” And the woman looked at me and shook her head stating, “No, two.” So, yes, we got shut down. Caden had to be two years old to enter the pit and we had to stroll away doing the walk of shame with one sad little man.

To make up for the #momfail, we decided that we would hit another bakery on the Carrot Cake Challenge. I was recommended, by my friend Laura, to visit Magnolia Bakery, which conveniently was in the Dubai Mall, on the same floor as the ball pit! I decided that, because I didn’t want to ruin the awesome dinner I had planned to cook tonight, fajitas, we would get “take away” and proceed to mosey around the mall until Layne got out of work. Caden and I ended up walking around, ok getting lost, in the mall for about an hour and a half! We ended up in the Souks, in a cluster of stores where burqa’s are sold…I felt very VERY out-of-place and couldn’t find my way out! After turning lots of corners and reading way to many mall maps, we were free! We actually found some really cool little spots that I am anxious to take our visitors to! Look at how cool this hallway was, with big umbrella’s hanging down! Caden was in awe and so was I!


Fast forward, we found the bakery. It was in a Bloomingdale’s, so obviously it was gorgeous and beautifully displayed. I eyed the carrot cake instantly and for 25 Dhs, or $6.75, I rolled out as happy as a clam!

Next stop, picking up daddy! When we meet Layne at the mall, we always leave the mall and pick him up at the Building #6 door. Caden and I patiently people watch, until his arrival. Then we all take the Metro home and it makes for a fun evening of spending time together as family, without distractions.

Fast forward again, I had my amazing dinner and then got to follow-up with THE BEST Dubai carrot cake (so far) from Magnolia Bakery! This carrot cake was near perfect! The cake was moist and the frosting was just the perfect amount. It actually tasted like cream cheese without being to overpowering, unlike some previous cakes. The raisins in the cake were like no other raisins I have eaten! It was like, they just turned into raisins from grape form. They were so soft and delicious! The outside was covered in walnuts, which was nice, but had a little to many walnuts for my liking. As previously stated (in other carrot cake posts), the walnuts tend to make my mouth sore, so the more they are ground up (or the lesser) the better.

The fact that this had three layers and was quite decently sized, made it worth the higher price. I would give this cake a 9.5 on my scale. It seriously was amazing and I got to eat it almost all by myself for a change! (Layne stole a couple bites, off the record) I am officially bloated now, but it was totally worth it! I will definitely be back to Magnolia Bakery and may even have to try some more off their list!

*Yes it is a US based company, so props to the USofA for representing in Dubai!*

Cheers to stretchy pants!



One thought on “Magnolia Bakery’s Carrot Cake

  1. You are so cute Chelsie. I look so forward to your stories, and pictures day by day, It makes one feel like we are there with you, enjoying in a minute way your “vacation”. For those of us that can’t come, this is awesome. Thanks, thanks, thanks, you are one super lady. The carrot cake looked wonderful. I would love that one.

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