Diapers in Dubai 5

Mama told me that we were going to mark a check on her bucket list today and so I got to ride in a taxi, on the water, for the first time! I had a lot of fun watching th big white boats float by! Our water taxi (actually called a water bus) picked us up and then made three more stops: the Marina Walk the Marina Mall and the Marina Promenade. We got off at the Promanad and then walked, or strolled in my case, to the beach at JBR. I was so excited to take my first steps in the Persian Gulf! The water looked like my bath tub, it was so clear!

The beach was very fun and mama and dada even packed my beach toys! I really loved the modified tired swing under the covered play area! Mama said it was nice under there, because it didn’t burn her tootsies, walking in the sand. I could have sat on that swing all day and been pushed around, that is if my mama and dada brought me enough snacks, milk and water!


Speaking of water, the beach water was very warm. Dada said it was like potty water…I didn’t tell him that I pottied in it. He found out after 😉 It was so fun sitting and splashing around. I even brushed up on my swimming lessons and worked on my “kick kick kicks”! Mama didnt like sitting in the water on the sand as much, she said she got sandy pants. Ha! I actually loved the water and even liked to drink it! Mama was worried that I was going to get the salty water in my eyes, but instead, I was slurping the water off of my hands and trying to put my face it! It tasted quite interesting! That is when mama took me out and decided to get me real water instead.

Once we were done in the water, we ran as fast as we could through the sand, back to our spot under the palm tree. The sand is so hot, hot, hot! I needed to refuel, so it was a good thing my parents are fast runners! I had a nice squeegee pouch and some water and I was back on my game. I danced along to the tunes on the beach and explored some in the fake grass.

We had such a fun day and then I got to go home and make buckeyes with my mama for GAME DAY (per dada’s request). I was even allowed to try one when we spent the afternoon at my friend Henry’s house for a BBQ! I am one lucky duck!


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