Diapers in Dubai 6

I want to take this moment to give a shout out to the Dubai Mall for having really amazing baby rooms! Today mama and I went to a mamas breakfast at Eat Greek in the mall and I got to try her spinach toast that was covered with poached eggs, salmon and avocado! It was super yummy, however I still cannot like avocado at all! That stuff is blah! I just hold my tongue out for my mom to scrape it off, because I am not chewing any of that green goo!

After brunch, we walked around the mall and ended up hitting the babys room before we got back on the Metro to go home. You probably dont care, but I thought I would share my experience in there and tell you how fun it was! The doors opened automatically which was a plus for mama pushing the stroller. Then we were welcomed into a room of all sorts of bright colors! It had a nursing room attached to it and a little play area for me to take a break from my stroller! I loved that! I also loved the little hedgehog on the wall! He was so funny looking!

That is really all I wanted to share, so it’s short, but we much appreciated the fun baby room and would love to see these in the US!!

We did get a cupcake from our brunch today, but threw it away because we cannot like the date filling that is in a lot of things here in Dubai. However, we did love the gesture and the frosting was quite yummy!! Thank you for provoking our daily adventure CitiSpi!


One thought on “Diapers in Dubai 6

  1. I am with you baby doll, G. G doesn’t like those avocados either. But everything else sounded exciting. I miss my little sweetie pie.


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