Trips to JBR

We have visited JBR now a couple of times, but I wanted to make sure I have enough picture proof to show you how great it is! JBR, Jumeirah Beach Residence was built in 2002 by Dubai Properties. It includes several rental and permanent residences, as well as businesses, grocery stores, etc. We love to go to The Walk at JBR, which is a 1.7km long shopping strip that is filled with stores and restau/’rants that but up against the beach of the Arabian Gulf, near the Dubai Marina.

Caden has previously blogged about the beach on his Diapers in Dubai 5 post, but to add to that, the beach is lovely. There are umbrellas and towels available to rent and the water is quite clear, rather warm, but very beautiful! Along The Walk you can see ice cream stands, small standing cafes, outdoor workout equipment (free to the public), a children’s water zone, an outdoor movie theater and much more. Last weekend, when we visited, we saw a group of guys trying the water jetpacks- flyboarding! Personally, it looked quite scary, but I can totally see my brother wanting to try this out when he comes! However, as expected in Dubai, the price is pretty steep! It cost 300 aed ($81 USD) for 15 minutes of flying! FIFTEEN MINUTES!! Or you can do two people for 30 minutes for 450 aed ($121.50). Either way, I think it is a little costly!


Anyways, I love spending time at JBR because of the atmosphere that has been created. The building architecture, pictured below, is complemented by the brick sidewalks and cobble stone roads. I have also found that this is the only location, that I have seen so far in Dubai, that has wall murals. The pictures are so bright and colorful, which gives a fun vibe when shopping along The Walk.

Picture above is the movie theater. At night it is booming with people and even has police outside to coral. Below, was when we stopped one night for “ice cream”, which I have found they don’t really have here. Instead, we got Gelato, which was really yummy too! Caden got a cone, with little scoops of ice cream inside. He loved it!

This little beauty hub above is a hair salon! Isn’t it amazing what type of building structures you can have now! How creative! I took this for my mom as a business idea, think she will go for it? Just think of a little bubble with wheels on it that can move around town! HA! There was one chair inside for the client and four, yes four, ladies working on her hair. Below, are more pictures of The Walk and the Dubai flag!

One thing that I thought was neat, was the fact that you could take a picture of your “group” and send it to your email, from the beach! I know they have this in Chicago and I am sure it is in most big cities, but these “small town folk” thought it was pretty nifty!

Below, is the sandy movie theater! I was told that they have movies through the “winter” months when the temps cool down. Basically you just bring your lawn chair or beach towel and you are ready to go! 

Here is the play ground that we took Caden to when we went to the beach last weekend! I love how it is shaded, protecting their little bums from getting burnt on the way down the slides! This park-esque area, is really nice because it has grass, something you don’t see a lot of in Dubai. However, don’t let me fool you, it isn’t real grass, its turf…basically the same thing right? 🙂

Well, until next time folks! Off to enjoy some more time doing Dubai things! Cheers!




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