Diapers in Dubai 7

I have been a busy boy lately, by busy I mean I have been playing really hard each day with my Mama and am learning lots of new things! I am almost ready to walk, but haven’t turned the corner quite yet. I prefer to walk holding one hand of mama or daddy’s or crawl super fast, like the speed of light! I am currently trying to learn how to blow kisses and give high fives too! Lately, my favorite thing to do has been pretending to be Baby Godzilla. I like to throw everything in my path to the ground, including my mommy’s iPhone. I actually broke the screen this time! It’s ok, it only cost her 389 aed ($109)! Mommy wasn’t pleased. I even threw it on the ground again after getting it fixed today and chipped the side again! I am so fast, real fast, they don’t even know I am coming!


I love playing with the blocks that I got for my birthday. My favorite thing to do is to destroy the things that my parents build for me. Hey, I also put the blocks back into the bag, but mostly I throw them around the room like little bombs. I am learning to stack with my stacking blocks too! I actually can make a tower (ok with mommy’s help steadying it)! My parents are so proud of me!

Traveling around the city with my mama and playing all day long is not for the weary. My favorite way to prep for nap is looking out the window in our living room and watching the big and little boats go by. Mama and I count the boats and she tries to teach me colors! It makes me pretty tired! Sometimes I think I can pass out anywhere after our busy days, including the middle of a beautiful view over the Marina- see below!

I have been meeting up with my friends a lot this week. We went back to Gourmet KCal this week for a Bumps and Beyond play date and meet some new people. I impressed all of the ladies by eating with my spoon all on my own! My mommy was so proud of me. I had never shown her that I can dip the spoon in by myself too!

We have been doing a lot of traveling on the metro and tram, but also like to walk as much as we can. This week mama and I walked and counted the school buses! I wont get to ride a school bus here, but they look so fun! Mama also got a new carrier for me and I think that her walking, with me in the carrier, is my new favorite thing!

To top it off, this week I got to try (for the first time) spaghetti! It was so messy and fun to throw around the dining room table! Dada didn’t like picking it out of the carpet, or my hair, after, but I had fun eating it! Papa G says that I looked just like my mama did when she ate spaghetti as baby, of course she had a curly fro though.

Well, I am off to do some packing now. Mama and Dada are taking me away for a “holiday” this weekend! You will have to wait and see where we go, once we get back! Can’t wait for another stamp on my passport!


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