Spinney’s Carrot Cake

It has been nearly half a month since Caden and I have experimented for our Carrot Cake Challenge! Yesterday we decided to resume the challenge and take a walk to our local grocery store, Spinney’s for a couple of items. I remembered seeing that Spinneys had carrot cake in the bakery, so we walked over to check it out! It looked really amazing and for 14 Dhs ($3.78), who can pass that up?! Never underestimate your grocery store bakery!

After getting our other groceries, we grabbed our carrot cake in its little (or big) carrot cake box and headed home. Little did I realize that it had flipped over in transit, so I had to refrost the top when we got home. (No, I will not take up being a baker in my future HA!)

So, once we got home and doctored it up, I gave my assistant the first bite. He and I were both shocked at how yummy it was! Once again the frosting is not your normal cream cheese frosting. It has lemon zest in it. You can see it in the photo below. Quite an interesting twist, but it was nice! The walnuts on the outside were roasted and also gave a unique flavor! Caden didn’t care for them, but I found it tasty…similar a roasted pecan pie. The actual cake was quite moist and the large shreds of carrots made me feel like I was eating something healthy for me! Ha! The cake had a ton of flavor and also included raisins, our favorite!

Overall, we would give this one a 8.5, due to the transportation issues and the “not normal” frosting. It was such a large piece for an amazing price, which could be dangerous, because we go to Spinneys more than once a week and it was quite delicious! Best to jump back on the treadmill train! Cheers!!




2 thoughts on “Spinney’s Carrot Cake

  1. Looks wonderful. which one is the winner so far. How can you remember them all? I guess your Mom is there now, Fri. night.
    Caden loves it doesn’t he. He is getting so big. He is such a daring.


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