Ladies Night & Afternoon

In the past 24 hours, I have crossed three things off of my Dubai bucket list! Last night we went to Ladies Night at Toro Toro and this afternoon we experienced afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason, followed up with a little henna experience. My mom flew in this past weekend and we have been having loads of fun so far, as you can see!

Last night we decided to meet up with my friend Lindsay for a free ladies night at one of the local restaurants/bars. We walked to Toro Toro,  nearby restaurant, and walked right in the roped off area, because we are ladies. Once we walked up stairs we were greeted by quite loud music and three drink tickets. We posted up at a high table and started catching up. Lindsay had just gotten back from London and I had to share all about our trip to Jordan! Immediately following our arrival, we quickly were reminded of a US rule that is not in place here in Dubai…smoking indoors. We were honestly overwhelmed with the amount of people smoking cigarettes and cigars! We tasted a couple of apps and drank a couple of yummy drinks and then headed back to our boys. It was a really fun night getting out and being able to enjoy ourselves with friends, completely for free! Despite the smoke, we had a really great time and Lindsay and I already have discussed which location we will be trying next time!

Today, my mom, Caden and I had a relaxing morning of sleeping in and lounging around. Around 11, I made a call and reserved us a table for brunch at a recommended location near the Dubai Mall, Fortnum & Mason. Going to an afternoon tea was also on my Dubai check list and I had a great time experiencing it with my mom! She was the perfect tea companion, as we both had no idea what we were getting into! HA! We hoped on the Metro, with our little gentleman in tow, and headed towards the Dubai Mall, where Fortnum & Mason was located. Thanks to our quick navigation skills, we got there right on time for tea at two. We were surprised to see that everyone else enjoying tea, were men. Not that men are not allowed to have tea, we just though it would be mostly women. This looked like it was men enjoying scones over a business meeting…different!

Anyways, we butted in and put my screaming one year old into his high chair, and patiently diverted the stares from the men around us. We decided to partake in the Afternoon Tea option on the menu, which included unlimited tea (one flavor of our choice), scones (which were similar to biscuits, in our opinion), mini sandwiches and a select few mini desserts. I enjoyed an elderflower green tea and my mom tried a flavored black tea. We both really liked the scones and the delicious house jams to compliment. But lets just say, Caden REALLY LOVED the scones! In fact, the kid ate three (thanks to his MIMIs encouragement)!! Please take note of the remains all over his chair when he was done, it looked worse in real life(photo below)! It was a mess and the waiters were hilarious as they came back and saw the mess, rolled their eyes and walked away. Sorry guys!

We had a lovely time at our first tea. Thanks to the Entertainer App, we were able to “buy one get one” for our meals. It ended up being $74 USD for both of us (or all three of us) to eat, after we used the coupon. THANKS MOM! Next time, we discussed heading to the ice cream parlor that they have on the floor below. Same company and adorable set up, just right below the tea location! How perfect!!

After pocketing the leftovers of our jam, we decided to walk off our scones and head home. We got back just in time for my henna girl to arrive! I was perusing through Instagram one day and found a really unique henna artist Sayeda. I messaged her and before you knew it, we had set up time for her to come to our apartment and give me my first henna experience! For those of you who are not familiar, henna is a form of temporary tattoos. Henna actually comes from a plant that flowers and the spices of Lawsonia genus. The specific type of henna I got will stay on for 7-10 days before it completely wears off. Here in Dubai you will see several women with henna anywhere on their bodies, mostly hands and feet. It is a part of social and holiday celebrations, but can also be used just for fashion purposes. Tonight we learned that henna also has medicinal purposes and some people put it on their backs, legs, necks, etc. to relieve stress! How interesting! So, back to the story, I found Sayeda and she came over tonight to put a little creative piece of henna on my right foot. After asking A MILLION questions, my mom decided that she would let Sayeda put a small bit of henna on her leg as well. We were both really excited with how the designs turned out and snapped a couple of photos to document our “rebellious” moment here in Dubai.

Who knows what we will be up to next! Cheers!


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