Diapers in Dubai 8

You guys, my Mimi came to visit me in Dubai! I have been so busy with her that I haven’t had time to update you on my blogging, sorry!


Before we went to Jordan, I tried sushi for the first time with my mama and dada! We went to a place called Yo! Sushi at the Dubai Mall and there was a little moving circle that went all the way around us with food on it! It reminded me of a choochoo chain! We just picked off what we wanted and piled it all up for dada to pay at the end :)! We had lots of fun and I decided that I love how Japanese meals have watermelon for dessert!

Another new thing that I just experience was playing on the playgrounds along the Marina Walk! Now that the temperatures have cooled down some, mama and dada have taken me to play on the colorful toys! I am in love with the slide! It hurts mama’s arms lifting me up all of the time, so she made dada come the next time and do it. I like to slide down like a big boy, but I still hold on with one hand for when I get scared. I also love the merry-go-round and the teeter totters! I am going to be having loads of fun out there as Mr Sun says cool and not so hot!

Like I said earlier, my Mimi came to visit this week! We have done so many fun things together! We took her to all of the malls that we take walks in, to afternoon tea, to the beach at JBR and tonight she is going to babysit me so my dada can take my mama out in a date! Mama said she wanted to dance, so they are going to a Tiki party! I am not sure what that is, but I know how my dada dances, so mama will have fun and lots of laughs!

Speaking of the beach, today we went to JBR and I got to play in the sand! This was really my first time playing in the sand and I was a mess! I got in the Persian Gulf with Mimi and tried to cool off, but the water is “pee warm” according to mama. Then I played with my beach toys in the sand and completely covered myself with sand and shells! I actually collected a big pile of shells for my dada, after I tried eating them! Dada will be proud!

After we were all sweaty and sandy on the beach, we decided to cool off with some froyo at Menchies. I absolutely loved my mimi and mamas pina colada yogurt and could definitely have got my own bowl. Mama says someday, but not in the near future :(. In the mean time, I will just each half of theirs!

Maybe tomorrow we will go back to show dada how to play in the big sandbox too! I just hope I don’t get that nasty salt water in my eyes again!

P.S. Happy birthday to my Nana today! We miss you and are excited for you to visit in November!

P.S.S. I rediscovered my tounge, if you are wondering why it is out in every picture. I love licking people with it and it makes me laugh so much! My nana will really love that! She used to lick my dadas nose all the time!


Caden (Tater-Tot)


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