Diapers in Dubai 9

Today my mama and I tried something new…shocker, I know! We decided that I was getting a little big for the coffee mornings at Costa Coffee and that I needed a little more space to explore. Some lady told mama that there was another play group that met at the IBN Battuta Mall on Wednesdays from 10-12. This group played in the soft play area there and then had coffee and donuts afterwards! I was hooked the moment they mentioned donuts! Like my dada, I love that sugary snack!

So, we ventured on to the Metro and headed to IBN Battuta where we took the newly finished walkway to the play date at Fun City. There weren’t many kids there at first, but eventually the whole play area was packed! I had to get a little sticker on my back so that they knew I belonged to my mama, incase I got lost. I have been told, by several people, that I have her exact eyes, so I figured they would figure out it someway, if anything happened. However, I still had to wear the “tag” on my back like a TY toy or something!

Being that my mornings naps have been falling between 10:30&11, I was a little grouchy at first, but quickly got a second wind and made some new friends! There were kids of all ages there and I was no longer the oldest one. I really loved pushing the walkers around, practicing my walking (or running, because I cannot get those things to slow down). I also loved playing in the kitchen, driving the ship, building with the jumbo Legos and racing the toy cars with other kids.

After almost two hours of playing, I hit my limit. Mama and I went back to the party room to get her free coffee and donut. She was complaining to me on the way home because it is was just instant coffee…not as good as her Costa coffee. But I LOVED the donut that we got with it! We picked a red velvet donut and I could have probably eaten two more of those things, they were so good! Mama said that next time we have to bring it home for dada, instead of eating it ourselves, but we will see about that!

We will definitely be back to this Expat Mums & Tots play date at Fun City and I am anxious to bring my friend Henry and his mama next week! I love all of the fun places to play here in Dubai! Get to work Midland, MI…I expect some new stuff when I return!

P.S. I also had fun at a new Cheeky Monkeys this week with my friends! Our mamas put us all in a circle for a silly group picture. They were pretty funny trying to make all of us smile at once! YEAH RIGHT! I am going to take dada back there sometime soon, so he can join in the fun too!



Off to snuggle my parents again! Night Night!




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