Long Weekend…Lots O’ Fun

After experimenting with my ambidextrous son on feeding himself his own yogurt on Friday morning, we had a quick clean up and a busy weekend ahead of ourselves. This past weekend (on Sunday) was the Emirates New Year, so Layne did not have to work and we took the free time to venture out for some exploring and have some fun with friends.

Friday afternoon we meet up with our friends for a birthday celebration at West 14th on the Palm at Oceana Beach Club. It was a surf and turf brunch that included prime rib and all sorts of seafood fixin’s. Caden really enjoyed the seafood pasta noodles, the potato corn salad and some of the chicken wings offered. I was honestly a little nervous to give him any of my salmon, shrimp or crab. Caden impressed everyone with his new high-five skill and kept up to pace with the two-year old boys playing cars. We all enjoyed spending the afternoon with the beautiful scenery and great company and headed home around 6 to hit the hay early. It is tiring eating all day! Ha!

Saturday morning was spent getting lost together in Dubai. You see, I was supposed to check off a bucket list item by heading to Aqua Spin on The Palm, but instead we missed our road and decided to explore the desert! We stopped at a couple of grocery stores to see if we could find graham crackers, to no avail. We then headed to another store called Park and Shop that carries all of your “expat comfort food necessities”… minus graham crackers! However, I was able to snag a package of my favorite veggie burgers from home and Layne picked Kraft Cheese as his “prize”! We obviously got several other things we thought we HAD to have and deemed the trip successful, despite the grahams.

After several grocery stores stops, all before 3:30pm, we decided we would go to the Oasis Mall and take Caden to the petting zoo that was there for the day! Conveniently or inconveniently, take your pick, we arrived at 4:10 to a long line of crazy kiddos and their parents hovering around a 12 by 12 fence of guinea pigs, bunnies, a goat and birds. We then saw the sign that read: Break Time 4:30-5:30pm. MOM FAIL! We decided to instead just walk the mall and see if there was anything else we HAD to have before parking the car for the evening. A couple of baby items later, we turned in. Exploring day success!

Oh and we saw that Dow made its presence in the mall at a local clothing store! How awesome to see the company that we work for, visible in Dubai!

Sunday, New Years Day, my friend Lindsay and I decided to leave the little men at “daddy daycare” and go to a ladies breakfast! It was fabulous! CitiSpi is a wonderful company here in Dubai that enables people in Dubai to “socialize smarter with top tips on where to go and what to do”. Sunday morning they hosted a ladies pampering breakfast at Eat Greek in JBR and we are so glad we went! Not only did we get a complimentary coffee/tea with our breakfast, we also got pampered by RE Salons.Spas! After my yummy Greek coffee and salmon eggs Benedict. I got a beautiful manicure and a 10 minute chair massage that made me want to go home and crawl into bed! It was quite refreshing to get out without pushing a stroller and to have the chance to eat my meal without little fingers digging into it!

Caden and Layne enjoyed themselves as well and went to breakfast with Lindsay’s husband and son, Henry. Heck, they probably didn’t even know I was gone! HA!

It was a great morning for all Schroeders involved and was followed up by a BBQ at a co-workers home in Jumeirah. I wish we would have snapped a photo, but Caden really enjoyed himself swimming in the 1″ kiddie pool at Patrice and Sean’s home! He could stand in it on his own, which he thought was pretty cool! After about an hour and a half pruning in the pool, we were then treated to a lovely meal! We are so grateful to have such warm and welcoming friends in Dubai! It is to bad my little guy wont remember it, but I sure do home this blog helps him recall all the fun we had one day!


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