Circle Cafe’s Carrot Cake

Yesterday I decided to try a new delivery service Uber Eats. I just recently started seeing more of their delivery motorcycles around and figured I would give them a shot! Being that I had not had a piece of carrot cake for two weeks, what better way to test the system!

I simply logged onto the Uber Eats app, typed in what type of food I wanted and it gave me an entire list of places that offered carrot cake, along with their descriptions! AWESOME! Most apps do not allow you to search by specific food, only food type. After picking where I wanted to order my carrot cake from: Circle Cafe, I quickly paid my 28 Dhs ($7.56) online and within 26 minutes, it was on my door step (aka in front of my apartment door)! The service was really well done and I really love the way the app works! It updated the time as the driver got closer and gave me the option to track him as he was gallivanting through town with my little cake in tow. Horrah!


So upon arrival, the cake was a little disheveled. Granted, it did just ride to me on a motorcycle, so I let it slide (no pun intended). The frosting was mushed on the top of the container and it looked as if it just got plopped in there, with no presentation effort. Due to this poor display, I had to knock it down a few points on my “scale”.


After diving in, I quickly realized that there were no walnuts or raisins inside the cake. There were a small amount of walnuts on top of the frosting, but that was it. I did miss having the chunky raisin/walnut texture inside the cake…it seems to give cake more of a personality, right?

The cake tasted wonderful though! It seemed almost like a coffee cake with a cinnamon roll frosting. I honestly think they may have used frosting from the Pillsbury cinnamon roll packages that you can get at the store! So, obviously that tasted amazing!

The cake was moist and the frosting complimented the flavor very well! It was a great size too! Almost like a mini three layer wedding cake, just flipped upside down. To top it all off, it was delivered to me for free through a fabulous app! Ah, the world these days!

So, after all of my ranting, I give this cake an 8 on my Carrot Cake Challenge Scale. It would be better with raisins and some crushed walnuts inside, as well as a better presentation. Cheers to another lovely afternoon snack!


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