Diapers in Dubai 10

With Sunday being the Emiratie New Years, we had a short week ahead of us. But don’t let that fool ya, my mama had it action packed for us! There were several baby/kids events that went on in Dubai this past week, because several kids’ daycares were not open. My friend Henry was one of those kids, so we got to play a lot this week and I loved it!

On Monday we went to Cheeky Monkeys at the J3 Mall with all of my friends. For 50 dhs I get to play on the soft mats for an hour! They have a bounce house, a water-bed pool, a mini rollercoaster and so much more! I really love it and it definitely wears me out! Mommy was so busy playing with me that she forgot to snap any pictures!

Tuesday we went to a CitiSpi’s Bumps & Beyond breakfast at Aubaine at City Walk. We went there with my friends Pier and April! April is 6 months old and it is really nice that she shares her car with me, so I can go to play dates too! We had a fun time playing at the sensory session our moms took us to at Aubaine. They had tunnels, mini brooms, spinning wheels and lots of interactive toys. I didn’t have my morning nap that day, so I couldn’t even keep my eyes open the whole time! I feel asleep before it was my age groups turn in the sensory session! Whoopsies! After breakfast, which I didnt even eat my mamas this time because, ew, she got avocado (I hate that stuff), we went to pick up our gift baggies! We got a mini pin wheel, a notebook, some magazines for mama and a personalized pillow for me! It is in blue, for boys, too! Thanks Level Kids for our presents!

Wednesday we took the metro with Henry and his mama to IBN Battuta for an American Moms meet up and another play date at Fun City. We didn’t get to hang out with the US kids to long before we went to Fun City, but I get to see them again when we have our US Halloween party!

Mama pushed me in the stroller down to Fun City and I was so tired, but I got out to play. This time I thought I would try something new, so I rode in the big red car and even climbed through the tunnel, which I was too scared to do last time! I think it helped that my friend Henry was there to cheer me on! After our play date, I had snacks and we got two donuts to take home for dada as a special treat! He LOVED it and was so excited when he opened the refrigerator after work!

Thursday we took the metro again and this time headed to MOE, Mall of the Emirates, for a Moms with Wraps walking meet up. This week is National Baby Wearing Week, so mama had to carry my heavy self around the mall…luckily it was only two laps. I love being in the carrier. I feel right asleep in my little cocoon. After the walk, mama and I ate lunch with Henry and his mama at Shake Shack where I thoroughly enjoyed a hotdog and fries! I even knew how to dip the food into the BBQ sauce all by myself! Mama didn’t know I could do that!

It is Friday, so it is the weekend here in Dubai and dada is off work. When I woke up today I was greeted by dada’s friend Jim! I have had such an exciting week and I cannot wait to see what else is in store this weekend! Mama and Dada said we will be checking more things off of our bucket list with Jim in town and I cannot wait! Yippie!



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