Delicacy’s Carrot Cake

This morning, post my second Aqua Spin session at the Fairmont Resort, Layne surprised me by taking me to the on site cafe where he scouted out a delicious piece of carrot cake for my Carrot Cake Challenge! I havent had a piece in about a week and a half now, so it was the perfect timing and he agreed to help me “test it out”. We strolled up to the counter at Delicacy and ordered a piece from the fresh cake in the beautiful display for 25 dhs…not a bad price at all for the size, and prettiness, of the cake!

Thank you hubby for the awesome idea! We even scouted out some delicious breakfast treats for next weekend, after my last Aqua Spin class!


Once we got home and put the little guy down for a nap, we dove into the carrot cake together and discussed the “ranking” on my scale. Yes this actually happened, ha!

The carrot cake was extremely moist and fresh, which really made for a delicious morning treat! The cream cheese however was a little different. The filling was more of a whipped Cool Whip/cream cheese filling, however the top had more of a Cool Whip taste and fluffiness. It was light, which was nice, but did not have the cream cheese flavor I was expecting. The walnuts on the back of the cake were roasted and quite tasty! They were nicely ground through the cake as well! However, the raisins were missing, and you guys know that’s one of my favorite parts! We searched and searched through the cake to see if we could find any, but they definitely were not there.

The little carrot on top of the cake was fondant, so not much taste to it, but isn’t it so adorable?

After sharing about half, with my better half, we decided that we would give it a 8.5 on the scale. It was quite refreshing with the light frosting/filling and didn’t make us feel to full or stuffed afterwards, which is always a plus.

As previously stated, we will be back to Delicacy! Yum, Yum!


3 thoughts on “Delicacy’s Carrot Cake

  1. yum yum! How many of those carrot cakes have you tried, and you had one that ranked higher than this one didn’t you?djjrtim1@d


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