Diapers in Dubai 11

Greetings friends and family! I have been getting pretty big lately, over 25 lbs to be exact, or 11.5 kgs for my European/Middle East friends! I have also been strolling the streets with my mama and havent havd much time to sit down and blog with ya!

This week we did a couple of new things that I wanted to share with you guys! I went to the Ripe Market with my mama at Le Meridian and got to go to the petting area for kids! I met a couple of albino bunnies, a guinea pig, a turtle and a couple other animals I wasn’t to crazy about. I didn’t go rubbing my face into them or anything, so don’t get to worried, I stayed clean! The only one I touched was the turtle and the teeny tiny hamster. Then mama sanitized me, so I didn’t get the chance of getting sick. My auntie Kristin would have loved to see how I was interested in the bunnies though! They were huge and kept staring at me with their red eyes! My friend Henry was there with me too, which made it less scary. Henry loved the guinea pig and his crazy hair do! We enjoyed going through the mini farm together!

Another thing I did this week was attend a pool party at my friend Albey’s house! We had a lot of fun splashing around in their big pool and we all brought balls to play with in the water, which made it even more exciting! Everyone was impressed with my swimming skills and mama said I was like a little fish, kicking around and jumping off the sides! Here I am below with all of my pool buds! I cannot wait to do this again!

Over the weekend mama and dada took me to Cheeky Monkey, so I could show dada my stompin’ grounds! We had so much fun together! I met a nice little girl Ivory too! I loved having dada see where I play every week and it was so much fun having him crawl around and play on the toys with me!

I tell ya, the weekends go to fast, because now my dada is back to work until next weekend. Next weekend we get to start celebrating Halloween and I get to go to my first real Pumpkin Patch Party for American kiddos! I cannot wait!



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