Border Run & Weekly Fun

Fresh grass, starry skies, a best friend and dreams…thats what I remember about a trampoline when I was young. My best friend and I would jump on that thing for hours and then lay on it and look at the sky talking about the future. Trampolin-ing was easy when you were young, right? Well this week I went to Bounce, and indoor trampoline park, and thought I would test my skill level, because I had to be just as good as I once was, right?

Checking yet another item off of my bucket list, I headed to Bounce with two new friends. It was ladies night, so females only for an hour of bouncing fun. We paid 80 dhs ($21.60) and got to use all of their bouncing areas. We mainly stayed in the trampoline alley. The rules were that you could only have one person per trampoline and you couldn’t step/jump on the colored sections. This was NOT as easy as it should have been! First off, jumping post baby, is a totally different story! You mommas know what I am talking about! HA! Besides the fact that jumping in general is totally different on your body, as opposed to the running/lifting/YouTube cardio/strength training I have been doing. As a tall person, it is also rather difficult to run across the trampolines without stepping on the colored sections! I nearly killed myself, actually rolled my ankle pretty bad, trying to run across the aisle of trampolines. It did get my heart rate up though, so that was great! We raced across the rows, up the walls and then did some jumping in the big blue air cloud thingy (not sure what it is called). Side note, it is quite easy to give yourself whip-lash when jumping into those things! So will I be back? YES! We had a great time and maybe next time I will just keep my jumping to an “adult level” and not go thinking I was a teenager in my friends back yard again.

On Thursday, I got a text from DU, the cell phone provider, saying my passport VISA has expired and they would be cancelling my phone plan until I get it updated. FREAK OUT MOMENT! I messaged Layne and told him we needed to do the “border run” to get Caden and I reset with a visitors VISA. After researching, it seemed like we could just take our own car to Hatta and go through the process, without any issues, besides a couple of hours out of our day. So, we got up and left the house at 6:30 AM for the drive to Hatta as a family. Upon reaching the border, we were told by the officials that the Hatta entrance is only for GCC (gulf coast countries) passport holders. No!! We had to turn our sorry selves around and drive back home, in search of our next option. On the way, in panic mode, I quickly did a Google search (no they hadn’t turned my phone off yet) and clicked on the first link- Best Visa Run…seemed obvious, right? After WhatsApp-ing the company, Caden and I had two seats on the “bus” to Oman.

Unfortunately, after our quick morning run, we had to pay 150 dhs ($40.50)/person to ride with a group 2 hours to the Oman border. Upon arrival at the Dubai Exit, we were informed that we had over stayed our welcome by 16 days! HOLY COW! I about dropped over. I though that our previous trip to Jordan, for Eid, would have reset our trip, but it did not. When you get a visitors VISA here, you have 30 days that are allowed, plus a 10 day grace period to get back to the border and reset it. You must reset within those 10 days only. If you leave to try to reset within the 30 days, it does not count. NO ONE TELLS YOU THIS! So, after returning from Jordan, when we thought we were reset, we were not. We were required to pay around 3,700 dhs (over $800) in fines for Caden and I. (Insert tears, and lots of them) Bless her heart, a fellow passenger let us use her credit card to pay for the fines there, so that I wouldn’t have to leave the country via airplane. This same situation happened to her friend, so she know the pain I was going through. We were sure were missing Layne at that point, but because he has a Residents VISA, we didn’t want to spend the extra money on him taking the trip as well.

Next stop, checking into and out of Oman. The lines were long, because at this point it was lunch time- rush hour. We had to fill out customs forms and then wait to be processed by the security guy, whose computer was not working. It was our turn to pull up to the window and it went a little something like this-

“Is that your baby?”
“Yes it is!” (Smiles)
“Where were you born?” “Why are you here?”
“Ohio, USA” “Here for a border run, just to come out and go back into Dubai”
“Ok, wow you are too young to have a kid. I am only 25 and that is too young!”
“Ha, ok.”
“So is it a boy or a girl”
(Caden is wear a blue and grey stripped outfit, black shoes, totally looking like a boy) “This is my son”
“Well on his passport is says F- for girl”

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! At this point my heart sank. The security guy showed me and in fact he was right. Our US passport for Caden says he is a female! What in the world! How did we leave the US, get into Dubai, come back into the US, travel to Jordan and back, all without ever seeing this?! The guy informed me that this had to be taken care of right away and that we would need to go the US Embassy to do so. I panicked thinking that I would have to stay in Oman, alone, until we got it fixed. Luckily, he said we could go in Dubai or “it would probably be best if you just went back to the US”. Ok, thanks dude! He gave me our passports and I ran away as fast as I could, thanking the good Lord for getting us out of the situation. Fast forward to getting back to Layne…6 1/2 hours later and one tired baby & mommy who felt like they just got off an airplane- sweaty, tired & starving, but with reset VISAs!

This weekend, Layne and I had the privilege to go on a date night! We left Caden at home to play with his toys….kidding! He stayed with our friends for the evening and while we headed over to the DXB Oktoberfest event in Media City.

Being that it was a Saturday night and people had to work the next day, the event wasn’t as full of people as we imagined it would be, however we had a blast! We were served our beverages in steins and ate hot pretzels, sausage with kraut, mixed meats and an assortment of cheese. Yum Yum! (It was quite interesting, as you had to put money on a writs band and then that is what the scanned as a payment method all night.) After our meal we moved into the main tent where we enjoyed live music from a real German band, who played mostly American music. It was so wonderful getting out on a real date again with the hubby! Late night party animals we were, let me tell you…in bed by 11 pm! HA! Prost!



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