Diapers in Dubai 12

I have been a busy boy lately, let me tell ya! I have recently developed a new obsession with helping mama cook. I love to sit on the counter and have her tell me about how we cook dinner and I even get to wear an oven mit! We try to make all sorts of yummy meals for dada when he comes home from work!

I have also been busy playing with my friends! My friend Henry just turned 1 year old and he is walking now! Mama thinks that I will learn to walk from Henry, but I can go so much faster when I crawl. So, I am really not interested in trying that walking stuff…two/three steps is enough for me! I have also had play dates with my friend April! She is only 7 months old, but we have a great time together!

Mama and I have been traveling the town, as you can imagine. She likes to keep me on my toes! I have also recently learned about sunglasses and how helpful they are in this Dubai weather! I actually keep them on my face now, so I don’t get blinded by Mr. Sun!

This weekend we were quite busy too! Thursday night when dada got home from work, we went to West 14th at Oceana Beach Club and watching Shark Tales. It was packed with kiddos of all ages and I had a wonderful time crawling around in the grass and exploring. Mama packed us dinner and we had a nice picnic, while they watched the movie. I am so little, I don’t really care about a big screen that talks…maybe some day when I am a big boy. We did have lots of fun though and the view was amazing (that’s what my mama told me)!

After we had a crazy day Friday doing our VISA run, mama and I were looking forward to Saturday. We had an American Halloween picnic to attend and mama and dada also went out on a date night, so I got to play with my friend Henry again! The picnic had lots of yummy food and since I am a big boy now, I could eat everything! I was a skeleton and my parents even put white paint on my face. However, I am quite a sweaty little boy, like my dada, so it melted off me within the hour. I made a couple of new friends at the picnic and got some photos with pumpkins too. Those are hard to come by in Dubai. It isn’t like the US where there are pumpkins everywhere, this time of the year. A lot of the pumpkins are weird colors too, not like the big orange ones that I am used to.

Then, today, I got to go on ANOTHER picnic in Jebel Ali Village! I love this! I enjoy the outside so much and love to crawl around in the grass, exploring! My friends were all there and we had lots of yummy breakfast foods for us and our mamas. Because I am a little bit older than my friends, I got to go over to the swings and play there while they had their bottles. I forgot how much I loved to swing. See, I had one in the US, but I was quite little the last time I sat in it! This time, when mama put me in, I knew how to pump my legs and make my self go fast! I loved to tip my head back and feel the wind in my hair too! Now that the weather is cooling down in Dubai, we will get to do these outdoor play dates more often and I cannot wait!

Have a great week everybody! I hope you get outside and enjoy the grass in your toes too!


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