Markette’s Carrot Cake

I had THREE guests join me on my journey for this carrot cake at the Dubai Mall’s Markette restaurant. I walked past this place below and scounted out this carrot cake, so I was pretty excited for my tasting. After traveling through the worlds biggest mall and down to the ground floor, my “sugar daddy” bought me my carrot cake, he got Erik (our Midland guest) a red velvet muffin and himself an Oreo cheesecake. Yum, lets dig in!

Layne’s Oreo cheesecake was quite interesting. He said that he would give it a 5 on my scale. It had a lot of gelatin in it, which I feel like is a normal thing, once you get outside of the US. I think this same consistency that was used in the “cream cheese” of my carrot cake. I would say, the Oreos on top were delicious though! I havent had one in ages! Caden liked his bite of the oreo cheesecake too! He grabbed the fork straight away and stabbed it without us having time to react! HA!

I stuck to my carrot cake and was excited to dig into the “caramelized carrot cake” slice that was only 22 dhs ($5.94). They gave us nice little take away container to bring it home in and I was anxious to taste it, after my dinner. Will Power! Upon peeling off the lid, yes peeling, because the caramel was on top, I started getting a little skeptical. The caramel looked like tacky glue that was almost dried, see photo below. I tried not to read into it and took my first bite- lemon taste with a hint of caramel & hint of carrot.

WHY?! Why do all of these have to taste like lemon? The cake itself was quite moist and the light cream cheese layering, though it was not what I was wishing for, gave it a refreshing taste. There were no raisins or walnuts, so to be completely honest, I really wouldn’t call this a carrot cake. More of a lemon cake with caramel top, even though the caramel really didn’t taste like much. The size was quite nice, but I probably wouldn’t get it again. Being so, I would give this a 5.5 on my scale out of ten. It is hard to rate it, because it really didnt feel like I was eating carrot cake. However, it was a nice refreshing cake that I could see people eating with a coffee for an afternoon snack.

As Markette states below- Happiness is Homemade…just not in their carrot cake. 🙂


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