Diapers in Dubai 13

I have been having some fun this week doing things like eating donuts after playing at Fun City, learning about the Veggie Tales, exploring with mama and tasting Oreo cheesecake with dada during one of mama’s carrot cake tastings! I also got the chance to do a couple of new things that I really enjoyed! Mama and I tried out a Mommy & Me Yoga at Inspire Childrens Nursery on Monday and then on Tuesday we went to Zero Gravity with some friends for a beach day!

Baby yoga was Halloween themed and so our instructor wore a silly hat and sang a song about going to the Halloween party at a secret castle. We did things like tip toeing around in a circle, climbing under mommy bridges, playing in spider webs (yarn) and trying out some moon and tree poses! I was getting a little tired at this point, so mama had to participate while holding me! She did ok, I guess, but was a little wobbly. My favorite part about the nursery was all of the fun toys they had, along with the big soft play area! They even had a John Deere tractor for me to ride, like my grandpa Keith and uncle Louie! I also made some new friends there, which was exciting! I met a little boy named Kanry, who was born two days before me.We had lots of fun together sharing snacks and toys. Mama says I get to see him again this weekend at the Truck Jam and I cannot wait!

Mama said the nursery was really pretty and had a lot of fun stuff for me to do, so we will definitely be back. I loved meeting new friends and playing in the sensory areas! The walls and colors were so bright and fun that it made for a great play spot.

On Tuesday we went to ladies day at Zero Gravity, which is a beach club. I am not sure what that means, but mama was allowed to bring me and I was excited! She got in for free and so did I! We meet my friends April and Jacob there, with their mommies, and swam in the big pool, played with the pretend flamingos and walked on the beach. I had a great time in the shade playing with my pals too. Mama said that beach time just isn’t the same anymore, because she doesn’t get to lay out for her tanning, but she also told me that she wouldn’t trade it for anything! She is just going to have to be a white mommy for a while! I heard her talking to her mommy friends and they said that we will definitely be back for another fun afternoon like this in the future and I think I could pencil that into my busy play schedule. After all, I did get to nap all the way home as I got pushed around by my chauffeur!

Here is to another week in the sunshine, while my fellow Midland buddies get snow flurries! Sorry guys!


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