Drive Across the UAE

Four countries and counting for Caden’s passport, with two more to be stamped before our trip back to the USA! This past weekend we took another trip to Abu Dhabi, followed by a trip out of the UAE to Oman. Our friend Erik, from Midland, was in town for the past four and a half days and we had loads of fun! Erik is on a tour of his own now as well and is up to 48 countries in his passport (with extra pages)! Holy cow (for the record, I am beating Layne by 3)!

In Abu Dhabi we headed to the Grand Mosque and were amazed at its pristine white wonder, once again. This time we let Caden do a little exploring on the colorful floral carpets as well, which he loved. It was also a lot cooler, temperature wise, than it was when we went with the Bunkers, which was a definite plus! After the mosque, we headed to eat a mall downtown, where we saw the Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi branch! It was nice to see a name we knew, so far away from home! Before heading back, we stopped at The Emirates Palace, so Layne and Erik could take a quick run through, while I hung with the napping kiddo in the Jeep.

On Friday, we loaded up the car and took the chances through the border again, to head into Oman. For all of those who read my latest border run post, yes we made it through perfectly, with our little “girl” in tow. We drove about 3 hours from Dubai into Oman where we stopped at Khasab for a half day boat tour. Khasab is located right at the end of Musandam and once we got past the border, we traveled all along the curvy coast to get to our destination.


We boarded the Dhow boat, slipped off our shoes and relaxed for the 45 minute boat ride out to a miniature island. On our way out we got the chance to see several dolphins enjoying a “weekend swim”. They seemed like rather small dolphins compared to those you see in out in the ocean. We were also given the opportunity to enjoy some fresh fruit and Arabic coffee. After Layne’s reaction to tasting it, I decided to skip out on my sample. Per usual, Caden made several friends along the ride. He met some boys from Muscat and two men from the UK and Ireland. What a friendly little fellow!

We got to the island and Erik and Layne put their gear on to snorkel around the island. Caden and I held down the fort on the boat, until the guys came back and made me jump off the side for a dip in the Persian Gulf. The water was not as refreshing as I had hoped. It was quite salty though! Due to no floaties for the little man, he had to stay in the boat the whole time will the “men” did their diving stunts off the side. Caden sure was excited to watch his dada float in the water, however he wanted to get in so bad!

After getting back late Friday, Saturday was more of a low-key day. The men went to the barber shop and got their twigs trimmed, while mama got a nice workout in (prepping for my Dubai Women’s 5K this weekend). We then headed to Cheeky Monkey for a free play date, followed by an afternoon walking on JBR. We wrapped up our eventful weekend with dinner at the Truck Jam, where Layne and I enjoyed some delicious fish tacos and a night-cap! Cheers to travel, friends and great eats!


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