Lime Tree Cafe’s Carrot Cake

It happened! I have reached the end of my journey with a 10 on the carrot cake challenge scale! I know what you may be thinking, what if there are other tens out there, you know “more fish in the sea”…but, it cannot be topped. Not only was the carrot cake simply amazing, divine, delicious (I could go on), but I was with a wonderful group of friends that made the experience a memory. Thanks to my friends- Pier, Lindsay and Laura’s recommendation, I got to taste “the legendary Lime Tree Cafe carrot cake” today with a  group of people who I wish I could take to the states in my suitcase!

After my last carrot cake tasting post, my friends decided that they needed to take me to the Lime Tree Cafe. It was pretty hyped up, let me tell you! “They are known for their carrot cake!” “We would definitely love to join you when you go!” “Have you tried the Lime Tree Cafe Carrot Cake? That has been rated the best carrot cake in Dubai. It is to die for.” Needless to say, I was pretty excited and so, we set the date and all showed up, babies in tow!


Upon arrival, the place was pretty full! The atmosphere was lovely, with the green trees, burlap bags covering the walls and the chalk board menus. It was very urban. I started to wander, with my little traveler on the hip and we stumbled upon a couple of carrot cake items that really made me start to wander, “How amazing is this carrot cake going to be?” I mean, if they have dish towels, t-shirts and place mats made up for the carrot cake itself, it has to be out of this world right?

Caden and I approached the counter and purchased our 30 dhs ($8.10) slice. Yes, it may seem expensive, but it was really a decent size piece, plus with all of the accolades, they can chalk up the cost a little, right?

As previously stated, all of our friends were there, which made for a wonderful tasting experience. Caden even got to sit with all of his pals as they each dug into their own stash of snacks.

Everyone got their slices and Caden and I immediately started at it. Upon first fork full, I knew it was love. HA! But seriously, it was amazing!! I even told the girls, literally after my frist bite, that it was #1 on my list.

The cream cheese frosting was so smooth and light. It was not sticky or overpowering, it was perfect. It actually tasted like cream cheese should! The cake was moist and crumbled perfect, so that when I wanted to mush my crumbs together (instead of licking my plate clean) they all stuck to my fork. There were walnuts and raisins ground into the cake. This was delightful, because it didn’t give me the walnut sore mouth, that I have previously mentioned in other posts. 

What is the little orange thing on top, you might ask? Great question! I tasted it and it seemed like a sweet tomato. Not 100% sure if we are accurate or not, but we were thinking it is a kumquat…thoughts?

Another thing about the Lime Tree that aided in the 10 ranking, was that it had a play area for the kiddos! Caden loved getting into the play kitchen with his friends Henry, Jacob and April! It was a perfect release for him after being forced to sit at the table while mommy enjoyed her massive slice!

Finished! With a couple bites to the little man, I finished the whole slice and was one happy camper! The dish towel was right, it really was/is Dubai’s best carrot cake!

To top it off, Caden and I snuggled the whole walk home! I will definitely be back though and I am already planning who I am bringing- Layne, Pam and Keith, get ready!! 🙂

I am so happy that I found my 10, before leaving Dubai! Now I’ll just have to have my momma make her recipe, upon our arrival back in the states for Christmas, so I can compare the two! Until next time, carrot cake lovers! Bon Appetit!




3 thoughts on “Lime Tree Cafe’s Carrot Cake

  1. So glad you found your #10. That was a lot of fun wasn’t it. You have had a wonderful “vacation” .You won’t know how to live when it is back to the salt mines. So glad you went with him, even if it was costly. May God bless the rest of your trip. Grandma T. Caden is getting so grown up. Is he walking yet? Love you 3.


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