Diapers in Dubai 14

Happy Turkey month everyone! This week mama and I made a turkey craft at home and talked about being thankful. We also started a ThanksLiving journal to do together as a family all month! Since we don’t really get to experience fall here in Dubai, we decided we would make it ourselves! We even baked some apple pie crescents!

I have been a crazy boy lately! My mom took these photos of me below being silly- working on her desk, eating my mouse like a kitty cat, eating ice cream and just hanging out! I know, I know, I am quite the photogenic boy!

Earlier this week, mama and I went to a Mindful Parenting talk (by Joanne Jewell) with our friends Laura and Jacob. Jacob and I played on the floor while our mommies took notes. Mama wanted me to add some of the facts that she learned:

  • By the age of 5, kids have experienced every emotion that they will in their entire lifetime.
  • You brain isn’t developed completely until the age of 24, when your prefront cortex is completely developed. Until then, children have trouble switching between emotion and logic in their brain.
  • Don’t forge THE PAUSE when disciplining. It gives you a chance to mindfully manage your stress, take a breath, observe and then proceed.
  • When disciplining, it helps to connect first and then redirect to a better solution.

After our moms got caught up on how to raise us properly, we went and had another play date that afternoon with my new friend Kanry and his mom!

Halloween was also this week! I had a yucky eye issue, so mama decided to keep me home from Cheeky Monkeys and instead we did our own date day! We went to the park, went to the grocery and ate lunch at a new place- Cafe Martinez. We were out together for three hours and had loads of fun! I love playing at the park and this time I even tried going up into the castle and climbing around like a big boy! It was so cool!

At lunch, mama had a salad and bread with oil. She tried to share with me but I was just not really feeling food that day, due to my sickness. I tried in the bread in the olive oil though- it was yucky with that brown stuff in it!

Today we went to a new nursery for a carnival! We went with Jacob and his mom to Masterminds Nursery in Jumeriah, where we met our other friends, April, Josh, Sophie, Syvir and Elliott. There were so many fun things to do at the carnival! I got to paint a picture on a canvas (mommy loved it so much she hung it up in our apartment already), I also got to ride a pony, play with bubbles and drive around in a Little Tikes car! I definitely will need one of those when we go back to the states! I loved driving it so much!! Believe it or not, they also had yummy treats for us that I helped mommy devour! I would love to go to a nursery like this one and play all day but nothing beats spending all this time with my mommy and friends! That’s the best, now if only my dada could join!


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