Ready, Set, Race Time!

On your mark, get set, pew pew pew (that is my imitation of a gun firing ha!)!! Go team Schroeder!

This past weekend I ran in the Dubai Women’s Race, where I participated in the 5k run and placed 19th out of 668 ladies! I was also the first American to cross the line which was super exciting! Kind of like the Olympics right? Ha! The race started at 7am, in efforts to beat the heat, but it was still quite humid! We started at Sky Dive Dubai and ran down a cobblestone road, along the water, wrapped around a hotel water fountain and finished back at Sky Dive Dubai. It was not the best running path, especially since my Garmin conked out half way through, due to poor reception. Several of the ladies were unsure where to run as the path wasnt marked properly, so some people were up on the sidewalk, some on the road. It was a little chaotic, but when in Dubai… My goal was to finish the 5k in 25 minutes and I crossed at 24:55, so I was pretty proud of myself! Afterwards, we went to the Sun & Sand Sports Fitness Expo and I got to reward myself with some yummy health bars and protein shakes! It was quite impressive, the Fitness Expo, because there were even live classes and workout stations set up outside for anyone to participate in. Layne got to play a little football and was recruited to be on the UAE Emirates Football League, due to his ability to catch! What a stud, I know ladies…sorry he is taken!

The next day I had a Citispi’s ladies breakfast at Fume, no boys allowed. It was nice to get away with friends for the morning and recharge. After returning, we loaded up the Jeep and headed to the Dubai Autodrome in Motor City where Layne’s work social hour was being held. The event was from 2-3 and included racing in the “bumper like” karts around the big outdoor track. It was quite expensive for only 15 minutes of driving, but he had a great time! Caden and I enjoyed watching from the observation deck. Caden was impressed with the fast cars, but was quickly over it due to missing nap time. He even cried a little bit when I tried telling him daddy was in the car. I don’t think he understood, but it was beautiful out so we enjoyed ourselves in the sunshine.

I also got to try another new exercise class this week (for free)! I joined the two Laura’s and attended Aqua Boot Camp on Monday morning. Laura brought Jacob so we took turns in the water, while the boys played under the cabana. Caden and Jacob are sure becoming great pals! Caden was so cute sharing snacks and toys with Jacob, although he did steal that mustache pacifier a lot! He loved it. HA!

The portion of the class that I participated in was the noodle session. It sounds like a joke but really, it is what you make of it. It is quite difficult to keep the knotted noodle under water while running in place! The instructor Jaq was amazing. She is like a little ball of fire in the water and keeps you quite entertained singing and dancing to the music. It makes the class go super quick when you are having fun with it! I think I will try to drag my sibs, Ryan and Haley, along to a free class next week too!

Well happy Election Day fellow Americans and may the odds be ever…well I personally don’t think they will be in anyones favor, but we shall see!

God bless our nation.


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