Diapers in Dubai 15

You guys will not believe it, I have started to walk full-time! It’s impressive, right? It is amazing for me, because I move so much quicker and don’t hurt my little knees anymore! I love following my mom around all day long and have been doing things like climbing over the back of the couch and climbing up onto the coffee table, all by myself!

Mommy and dada are also trying to start teaching me about the potty. My dada got me a pink potty, because real men wear pink (and apparently potty pink too?). It’s a nice seat to sit on while I read and I enjoy walking it around the apartment, but I don’t really like to sit on it when I am nakie, it is much better with a diaper on! Maybe it is one of those acquired things…we shall see!

Mama and I have been continuing to enjoy each others company- snapchatting family and friends, baking and cooking daddy’s food, working on buying Christmas presents online and most of all playing!

The local events have seemed to die down over the past few weeks, but that hasn’t stopped us from having loads of fun! Mama has been entertaining me by taking me to parks to play outside, instead! Mama loves the sunshine and the fact that it is free, so we go to a park almost everyday…you don’t see me complaining! This week we went to JLT, Jumeriah Lake Towers, and tried out a park there. It was so nice with two big sand filled play areas and a large grassy section for me to run around in. I went with four other little boys my age- Henry, Abe, Arther and Kanry!

I also went to the JBR park with another friend of mine, Cora. According to mommy, she and I were playing in the grass while our mommies talked and I was hitting her on the back for taking my car. Mama told me to be gentle with her and she made me pat her back nicely. When we both sat up from playing, I leaned over and gave her a nice little kiss. Mama was shocked and laughed so hard. She told me that I am not supposed to kiss other girls yet, only her, but Cora was cute and I was being gentle! Her mama said it was ok and I laughed along…guess I have more uncle Ry Ry in me than I thought!

Last weekend, mama and dada took me to the Expat Festive Family Fair at the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club. We listened to holiday music, did a little Christmas shopping and even got a quick peek at Santa! Did you guys know that Santa comes and visits the good kids in Dubai too? I didn’t get to sit on his lap, because dada said we would go when we go back home to Midland at the Santa House, where Santa lives when he isn’t at the North Pole. I cannot wait! Even though it is hot in Dubai, they still celebrate Christmas here and I got to see a mechanice reindeer, a snowman, a big christmas tree and when we were leaving, they started a Christmas play!

Today, I met up with my good pal April, who I hadn’t seen in over a week and a half. We went to lunch and then to visit her new house! We ate at the Shakespeare Cafe over in The Springs, where we enjoyed yummy lunches packed by our mommies. I made quite the mess of my food, but loved every minute of it! The restaurant was so fancy, so it needed a little of my expressive eating! 🙂

Then April and I got to play at the playground behind her house. It is so nice that she can just walk (or crawl) there whenever she wants! Now that I can walk, I enjoyed walking around the sidewalks, soaking up the sunshine, with the birdies chirping in my ears. I also loved the rock climing wall, where we played peek-a-boo.

To finish up a fun-filled day, I get to go pick up my Uncle Ry Ry and Aunt Bee at the airport soon! I cannot wait for them to get here and for us to do all of the fun things that mommy and daddy have planned for us to do as a big family!

Signing off!

-Tater Tot


One thought on “Diapers in Dubai 15

  1. Caden your letters are so cute. I love how you explain everything to us. Show us so many wonderful pictures, and I love to see you walking now. It is fun walking all over isn’t it! That was so good that you gave mama and dada so many months of not having to watch you like a hawk so you wouldn’t get lost etc. Hey, it won’t be long before I will get to see that big boy walk, all perfected. You will miss all the adventures won’t you, when mama has to go djjback to work.


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