Diapers in Dubai 16

I am definitely soaking up my last days in Dubai, with play days, everyday. Prior to daddy’s parents coming to visit, my parents took me to the Toddler Town Festive Fair at the British Nursery in Jumeriah. Let me tell you, I hate that scary guy in the white beard. I am not sure why my parents insist on taking me to see him all the time, but he creeps me out! This time, he tried to give me a little reindeer stuffed animal with a blue shirt on. First off, if you are trying to cheer me up, give me a reindeer with a red shirt (GO BUCKS), not blue (ewww UofM). Second, just give it to my mommy to give me later, because you still creep me out! Per mommy, it was a very nice gesture and holiday gift!

After relaxing a little bit, I then proceeded to enjoy the rest of my time at the fair. I played all over the jungle gym, in the humongous sand box and even made a gingerbread craft that my mommy hung up on our door. They even had a snow park there, fake snow of course! You could pay to get in and roll snow balls, have snow ball fights and build snowman…without being cold! Mommy and daddy said I could do all of those things once we went back to Michigan, because “unfortunately, there is already snow there waiting for us”.

After a super fun week with my nana and papa, I had four days with mommy again. Despite feeling under the weather, we still managed to have a great time together. I did a lot of sleeping, but I also got visits from Archie, my elf on the shelf! Today, silly guy, he was hanging my laundry from the ceiling! HA!

Yesterday, mommy and I met up with Henry and Kanry (and their mommies) at the Splash Pad down in JBR. It was 65 DHS ($17.55) to get in for 1 hour, so a little expensive, but mommy said we could go since its almost time to move back home. Like I said, I wasn’t feeling the best, but I still enjoyed myself and played in some of the water sprayers, on the teeter totter and on the swings. I think mommy is going to take me when we get back from Germany too, so that I can enjoy it one more time, when I am feeling fully healthy. I loved the afternoon with my friends though! It made me so tired and I was definitely ready for a nap after!

Today I enjoyed going to the Bumps and Beyond breakfast at Gourmet by kCal in the Le Meridian resort. Lots of my friends were there and I even made some new ones! April was there and this was the last time that I got to see her before my move back to Michigan. I hope that one day we will meet again! I was supposed to also say goodbye to my friend Jacob today. He is going away on holiday too. I didn’t get to see him in real life, but he and his mummy sent us a lovely video message. Maybe one day all of my friends can come stay with me in the States! I am sure going to miss my pals and am sad to say goodbye. They have all been such a blessing to me and my mom and I hope to someday see them again!



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