Way back in February, 2016 we were notified by Dow that Layne had the option to be added into a pool of people, who “may” be chosen to do an international assignment. We had approximately 30 minutes to say yes or no and were also told that if we said yes, and he got chosen, we would have to go. After a quick phone conversation, we threw his name into the hat, thinking- What are the chances?

Around the beginning of May we found out that indeed he was picked out of the group. We were honestly shocked. We had been praying as a family for God to direct Layne’s career down the path that he wanted us to take and then this happened. We were excited, nervous, anxious and a little scared, but knew that God was in control at that point. We began the process of “what ifs” and decided that I would be taking a 5 month leave of absence from work and would take care of Caden, in Dubai, while Layne worked full-time. At that point, everything started rolling relatively quickly.

On July 1st, we sent Layne off on his 13 hour first class plane ride and on July 24th we will finally be reunited as a family in Dubai. We are thrilled to see what God has in store for us and are looking forward to keeping you updated with our blog– Hello. Goodbye. Dubai!