Carrot Cake Challenge

Many of you may or may not know about my obsession with carrot cake. To give you a little background, our family carrot cake recipe came from my grandma (Nana) Kahle and has since been passed down to me. I was very close with my grandma and I will always treasure this special treat she left us with! My mom makes the carrot cake just as good as my Nana used to and I have tried to keep up the tradition, but will admit I need some work!img_7708

However, one thing I have noticed so far about being in Dubai is that almost every coffee stop, cafe, etc has carrot cake! Oh how my little heart leaped for joy when I saw this! I have decided that I am going to do a Carrot Cake Challenge and will be tasting all of the yumminess, for your reading enjoyment! I will be taking photos and writing my reviews, documenting along the way! This girl is so pumped and so is my mini man, as he has taken to the carrot cake quite well already!

The good news is, we are walking to each taste testing location in 100+ temps and still trying to workout twice a week at least, so don’t worry I will sweat it off!

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